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Accessing Wisdom from a Past Life

October 12, 2022 by Psychic Aiko x7814
Have you lived a past life? Read on the learn the signs...
Have you lived a past life? Read on the learn the signs...

"Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future. Focus on the present moment."


What is reincarnation? Have we been here before? My clients constantly inquire about reincarnation. There is great interest in understanding what reincarnation has to do with our daily lives. We want to know better how it impacts us—and how it applies to everyday life. The word "reincarnation" means rebirth in a new body. It implies that something survives the physical body’s death. That “something” is reborn in a new body and returns numerous times—thereby learning life’s lessons. Whether we call it “soul” or “consciousness”, what reincarnates doesn’t die.

A survey by the Global Research Society and the Institute for Social Research states that over half of the global population (51%) believe in reincarnation, and 26% claim they don’t know what will happen after death. In comparison, 23% think there’s no afterlife. In the US, more than 25% believe in reincarnation.

Reincarnation has been investigated by renowned researchers—such as psychiatrist Brian Weiss (well-known for his past life regressions and the bestseller Many Lives, Many Masters); Ian Stevenson (who investigated more than 3,000 case studies of children who remembered their past lives); Elizabeth Kubler-Ross (On Life After Death); John A. Sanford (Soul Journey: A Jungian Analyst Looks at Reincarnation); hypnotherapist Michael Newman (Journey of Souls: Case Studies Between Lives); and the timeless classic Annie Besant, Reincarnation, among others.

Reincarnation and karma are integral to religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam had that belief early on in their history. Reincarnation is in the Torah, the Bible, the New Testament, and the Koran. In early Christianity, the belief in reincarnation was common until the Church in the 6th century removed it—but it came back in the late 1800s through the theosophical movement.


What is Karma?

Reincarnation and karma go together—to the point that it’s impossible to talk about one without the other. Karma is a means for self-transformation—not a form of punishment, as some people believe. The process of life, death, and rebirth is determined by our actions, in-actions, reactions, and overreactions. Poor choices, ignorance, and excessive attachments to a nation, race, individuals, or ideology make up our conditioning and karmic suffering—which ends only through self-understanding.


Have You Lived a Past Life?

You can find evidence for reincarnation personally—in the form of memories of other lifetimes in vivid dreams, visions, déjà vu, meditation, a strong intuition, inner wisdom, empathy, unexplained phobias, an affinity for past cultures, psychic abilities, past life memories, a sense of mission or purpose in life, retro-cognition, spontaneous memories, a feeling of non-belonging, and much more. Here are a few signs that you may have lived a past life.


Signs You May Have Lived a Past Life

A Powerful Intuition - Intuition is the ability to balance the conscious and the unconscious to help understand a situation. This ability can sometimes be overwhelming by triggering a vivid impression of events and circumstances—sometimes even before they happen. This ability allows intuitive persons to tune into deeper wisdom effortlessly.

Preference for Solitude - Old souls—who have reincarnated countless times—enjoy time alone for reflection, meditation, and contemplative life. They enjoy quiet time for introspection and deep connections as they live their life with a clear sense of direction. They exude peace and find fulfillment in their lifestyle.

Affinity for Certain Cultures - Some inexplicable attraction to cultures and ancient or future worlds, to historical periods (on Earth or in other systems)—or architectural designs, clothing styles, or music from different cultures, or to easily learned languages—indicate a bond with past or future lives.

Experiencing Déjà Vu - Almost everyone has felt that they have experienced a new situation before. Associations with sounds, smell, and images may cause a deja vu episode. Even though these kinds of phenomena have sometimes been attributed to neurological disorders—they may be connected to past life memories.

Precognition - Precognition is what happens when one becomes aware of future events before they happen. Scientists are studying—through brain imaging and monitoring patterns of neural electric activation—such things as precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, and astral projections. Many of these experiences are now known to be factual—and related to reincarnation.

Transcendental Relations - Soul relationships last through many, many lives. We reincarnate to reunite with loved ones and with enemies. We meet again playing different roles and in different circumstances. The purpose is to learn various lessons, rejoice, or deal with the reunion, however brief it may be. Sometimes we recognize someone we knew from other lives. There is then a deep connection, which transcends all logical explanation—an ability to engage silently, with a simple gesture, or with a look. Even when the meeting is brief, it is unforgettable. That could indicate that the reunion achieved its purpose, thus bringing closure—or postponing it for a future occasion. Sometimes the reunion is more lasting and fuller with intense opportunities to learn.

Past Lives and Past Life Regression

We are multidimensional beings, experiencing alternative lives in an infinite array of possibilities. Reincarnation is not linear. The experts point out the possibility of parallel lifetimes. Whether in a different frequency in the same planet, other solar systems, or dimensions. This may be difficult for us to understand, but quantum physics and quantum entanglement tell us that this is a real possibility.

Past life regression or progression, accessing the akashic records, intuitive readings with the help of a trained expert—all have been used to resolve emotional issues and traumatic events and challenges. Such approaches help unlock memories of the soul's journey. We are all connected to everything and everyone. Self-healing helps to heal everyone.


Living Your Best (Past) Life

Each incarnation has a mission and a purpose. Through free will and conscious choices, we have the opportunity to keep exploring infinite realities, life after life.  We keep evolving morally and spiritually while the qualities of the soul shine through love, gratitude, compassion, kindness, loyalty, and the most beautiful vibrations we emit wherever we are.  

There is a time when the pinnacle of evolution may be reached, and reincarnation is no longer a need but a choice to be of service as an act of unconditional love.  Until then, we have a very long, exciting, challenging journey with plenty of opportunities for growth and enlightenment. Step by step, we are building our future lives!


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