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Angels Guides vs. Spirit Guides - Is there a difference?

June 05, 2022 by PathForward
You may experience your guides in the form of light or animals.
You may experience your guides in the form of light or animals.

Whether you're already used to getting up close and personal with your spirit guides and angels or you're searching for a new way to understand your life and purpose, the spirit realm is here to help you. Angels and spirit guides offer connections and power, and their guidance can go a long way in setting you on a path toward your true purpose.

But is there any real difference between angels and spirits when it comes to providing guidance? Knowing who you're connecting with can translate to deeper meaning as you find the best way to connect with the spiritual forces there to give you a boost as you journey through your days. Learn more about angel guides and spirit guides, then connect with an intuitive Psychic who can help you tap into the spirit realm.

Differences (and Similarities) Between Angel Guides and Spirit Guides

There are certain key differences between angel guides and spirit guides:

  • Spirit guides were once human, but angels are hardly ever former humans.
  • You're more likely to find angels mentioned in spiritual texts than their spirit guide counterparts.
  • You may find a spirit guide to stick with you throughout your entire life, but angels typical move around to help multiple folks in need.

There are important similarities between these two types of guides as well. Both angels and spirit guides are there to protect and guide you throughout your life. Though they do it in a different way, angels and spirit guides are there for you without conditions or judgment.

What Is an Angel Guide?

Coming from the Abrahamic Bible, angels can keep you safe while offering guidance, without any judgment. While different spiritual traditions understand angelic realms in different ways, most believe in a hierarchy of angels grouped by function.

Unlike other spirit guides, angels haven't existed in any other form. They're purely angels. When you do connect with an angel, you might find that they appear in the form of light or energy instead of taking on a human form.

An angel guide can, however, give you direction and protection. Angels embody wisdom, compassion, and unconditional love — you know, exactly what you'd want from someone offering guidance.

Some types of angels include:

  • Archangels: You might encounter several archangels when connecting with the angelic realm. Archangels govern different areas of life. For example, Raphael gets called in for healing, and Michael is the go-to angel for guidance and protection.
  • Guardian angels: Guardian angels keep people safe. Unlike most other angels, your guardian angel is yours and yours alone. Your guardian angel is devoted to helping you, so feel free to call on yours whenever you need assistance, stat. You may have already experienced your guardian angel lending a helping hand — just think of when your intuition steered you away from a dangerous choice.
  • Helper angels: Helper angels exist to help humans with specific situations. If you're searching for a new job or longing to make new friends, it's time to connect with a helper angel. Think of these angels as the freelancers of the angelic realm.

Communicating With Angels

You can pray to angels or simply talk to them. If you come from a more religious background, you might find working with an angel guide a little easier than connecting with spirit guides. Just understand that angels are not there to be worshipped.

Some ways angels can communicate with you include through:

  • Animals.
  • Numbers.
  • Songs.

What CAN'T angels do? They can't intervene in your life, unless you request it. If you want an angel's help, you're going to have to ask for it.

What Is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a soul that has accessed a point in evolution where they're aware enough to assist another soul in their own evolution. They're less religiously linked than angel guides and may be an animal, totem, or lost loved one, to name only a few possibilities.

Everyone has spirit guides. Whether you've already connected with yours or even if you don't believe in them, you always have at least one spirit guide there to help you. These guides boast compassion, love, and non-judgmental abilities beyond the human imagination. However, spirit guides have been incarnated as people, so they totally get the human experience.

Various levels and kinds of spirit guides exist. Ascended Masters are spiritual teachers with deep spiritual growth and vast experience, such as Buddha. Relatives who have passed can also act as spirit guides, if they choose to do so, after gaining great spiritual growth during life in this realm.

Hold up, what about animal spirit guides? Those exist, too, though they're a bit different from spirit guides who once had human souls. Animal spirit guides are typically protector companions or conduits of wisdom. They may even appear as a past pet.

Spirit guides have intentionally taken on their role, but just like angel guides, they can't step in and intervene unless you ask them to do so. You'll need to cultivate a relationship with your guides to access their help. Think of a spirit guide like your bestie, only with even more unconditional love and wisdom at their disposal.

Getting Help From Spirit Guides

So, how DO you build a relationship with those spirit guides? First up is understanding what your spirit guides are there to do. Spirit guides typically fill different roles in your life. Some may have been around before you were born, while others are only there for a specific life lesson or stage. You may have different guides to help with healing, support you through emotional issues, guide you to becoming better at your job, or improve your relationships.

Meditations, healing work, and lucid dreams can all provide avenues to finding your spirit guides. Remember, you've already gotten messages from your spirit guides in the form of your inner voice or little signs when you're looking for answers.

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