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Anything is Possible: The Power of Intentions and Manifestating

July 13, 2022 by Psychic Halo x4168
Be your own manifesting cheerleader; there's no shame in rooting for a champion!
Be your own manifesting cheerleader; there's no shame in rooting for a champion!

The truth is, we all set intentions and manifest on an unconscious level. Sometimes we live on autopilot, like taking the same route home from work every day. Most of the time, I don't even remember driving home because my brain is so familiar with the route it doesn't register it as a new and exciting stimulus to pay attention to. Setting intentions is meant to be purposeful and intentional to help us towards manifesting what we really want.  

What are Intentions? 

Intentions are guiding aims, powerful visions, and statements that demonstrate how you want to show up for yourself and the world. Intentions are purposeful and activate a part of your receptivity. Just like a roadmap, they provide a sense of direction. And without them, you are on autopilot. An intention can be anything you want it to be! Once you have an idea, write it down and check in with yourself daily to stay connected to your vision. You can also announce your intention to the universe by sharing it with respectful and supportive friends, advisors, or family members.   

What is Conscious Manifestating? 

Manifestation is about consciously setting positive inventions that can bring about change, opportunities, and new ideas. For change to occur, we have to be active participants in our own lives. You have more control over your life than you might know! 

Once you have an intention, you can make a conscious effort to shift your thoughts and patterns of thinking. Set yourself up for positivity and be ready to challenge and support your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones through self-talk and self-care. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much this will change your attitude and mood.  

3 Ways to Manifest Better 

#1 Self-talk  

Self-talk can be mantras, affirmations, conversations aloud or telepathically where you engage with yourself to fortify clarity and friendship. You're not meant to talk down to yourself, judge yourself or report your so-called failings. You may have heard, "people treat you the way you treat yourself." So, if you desire someone who asks you about your day and genuinely cares for you, do that for yourself first. If you want to be loved, do so for yourself starting NOW. And if you already are doing these and more, CONGRATULATIONS. Keep it up! 

#2 Self-care  

Acts of self-care include those that provide you comfort, love, support, and understanding. Start by fostering positive energy and intentions towards yourself, and that will birth additional intention. You can do this through meditation. Check out PathForward's Mindful Path Podcast for 5–7 minute guided meditations designed to shift your mindset and energetic focus. Click HERE to take a listen. 

#3 The Law of Attraction 

 The law of attraction is a concept deeply intertwined with intention setting and manifestation. The law of attraction is our ability to attract what we are focusing on into our lives. In simpler terms, it means that anything is achievable if you take action except, of course, forcing others to do what you want, such as coercing someone into being or staying in a relationship with you. This type of behavior is not your soul's true nature and will cause you to attract more of the same control and restraint against yourself. Only use the concept of The Law of Attraction to fuel your energy in positive and respectful ways. Remember, life is like a blank canvas, and you are in control of the paintbrush.  

Benefits of Setting Intentions 

Get to know yourself better. By setting intentions and reflecting upon them, you can learn more about what you want in life and how your attitudes and beliefs influence your actions.  

Become more motivated to reach your goals. Intentions keep you centered and can improve your effectiveness.  

Live a more meaningful life. Being fully immersed with yourself and the present moment allows you to live with meaning.  

The Bottom Line 

The more connected you are to your intention, the closer you are to manifesting! Be energetically aligned to your intentions and choose ones that make you feel good! Don't forget to celebrate yourself along the way, no matter how big or small the success. Need help setting lasting intentions? Get connected with me or another intuitive Psychic here at PathForward.  


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