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Chakra Guide: The Throat Chakra

July 29, 2022 by Psychic Ophelia x4290

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Take a mental journey with me and picture you are on the phone with a close friend and you are explaining a recent issue you had with someone. Without going into too much detail or having to over-explain, your friend easily and sympathetically listens to your story and recounts how they feel as if they were right there with you! This expression and communication is an amazing example of how we use the throat chakra daily. This portal of communication from our inside reality to our outside world is a large determining factor in why and how we experience our day-to-day lives. How we see and interact with the world can be greatly shaped by the balance and harmony of the throat chakra. 


Location and Function of the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located at the base of the neck and resonates with the color blue. This expressive chakra is easily balanced by the element of air and working with breathwork, also known in yoga practices as Pranayama. Using the element of air to cleanse, balance, and energize this chakra will assist with the function of communicating your experience and perspective to those around you. Expression, creativity, truth, and voice come from this chakra and assist with harnessing its energy. Speaking, breathing, and vocalizing one's truest desires and feelings are powerful ways of working with the throat chakra.

The function of the throat chakra can be seen in the way we interact and project our beliefs and perspectives to those around us and the world at large. For some, the throat chakra can be one of the hardest chakras to utilize fully. Internal factors such as shyness, anxiety, or social anxieties can prevent us from self-expression. An Energy Healer can help you work through social concerns and boost your confidence.


Blocked Throat Chakra Symptoms

In opposition, a blocked throat chakra can cause stagnation, creative decline, shyness, a disregard for others' feelings or experiences, a withdrawal from the outside world, and a list of neck and shoulder symptoms that connect to the energy of the throat chakra. Throat discomfort and conditions are often related back to the imbalance or blocked energy of the throat chakra. An inability or disinterest in expressing your innermost truths and values with the world or those close to you could implicate a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra. A blocked or imbalanced throat chakra can often be traced back to childhood trauma or feelings of being disregarded or devalued, resulting in a fundamental misrepresentation of your worth and the value of your perspective. Imagine that same phone call from before but with someone who doesn't try to understand, relate, or sympathize with you. This is communication with a blocked throat chakra. 

Some people are great communicators, and well, some are not. You can probably name a few people in your life who have poor communication skills. Often, these people are dealing with a blockage of the throat chakra. While you may be unable to tell your boss that he should work on clearing his throat chakra (haha!), you might be more comfortable passing this read along to a friend or family member – hint, hint!

Sometimes, a blockage occurs over time. For instance, if you and your partner have always had strong communication skills and feel like things have taken a turn, there may be a block in the throat chakra. A few signs to look out for are an increase in disagreements, feeling like you can't express yourself, or that you're not being heard.

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Unblocking the Throat Chakra

Balancing or unlocking the throat chakra can be achieved in many simple and engaging ways, including singing, breath work, reciting poetry, reading aloud, writing or journaling, sound baths, or durations of silence. Some may seek comfort in taking an oath of silence in honor of a specific cause or dedication to a particular belief system. Others may find solace in verbal therapy or group sharing. Each person will find their unique way to bring harmony and balance to the energy of the throat chakra to bring communicative and receptive energy into their atmosphere. The energy of the throat chakra is simple yet individualistic energy that can assist us in finding and focusing on our roles in our own lives and the lives of others. 

And if you need a little more assistance, you can work with an Energy or Reiki Healer. Energy healing works wonders for unblocking and strengthening the function of your chakras. Also, it's fantastic for overall spiritual wellness and developing your intuitive abilities. 

In many cultures, words or phrases known as "seed sounds" serve as mantras or verbal phrases that bring energy and movement to each of the Chakras. The throat chakra's seed sound or mantra is HAM (pronounced like HAH-mm) and can be hummed or chanted to help harness the energy and bring the vibrancy of the throat chakra to life. This beautiful blue energy of communication and truth is a vital life force energy for each of us. One of life's greatest gifts is the ability to share our experiences with others and value them. 


Ask an Energy Healer for Help

Do you think your throat chakra or another chakra may be blocked? Or would you like to learn how you can harness your chakra strengths? Talk to an Energy Healer here at PathForward, or connect with me! 

Thank you for being willing to take this journey through the throat chakra with me. I look forward to continuing our journey through the chakra system together!


Psychic Ophelia x4290
Psychic Ophelia is a Spiritual Empath and Psychic Intuitive with over 10 years of experience. She is an expert in guided meditations and energy healing, dedicated to helping people find their happiest selves.  - Psychic Ophelia x4290

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