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Chakra Guide: Third Eye Chakra

June 10, 2022 by Psychic Ophelia x4290
Discover the power of the Third Eye Chakra!
Discover the power of the Third Eye Chakra!

The last line of the famous song Amazing Grace lyrics read, "was blind, but now I see." This statement could easily serve as a mantra or affirmation that pairs well with the energy of the third eye chakra. This chakra is filled with the radiant energies of intuition, perception, and higher insight. These qualities give us the understanding and vision we need beyond the limitations of human eyesight and lift us gracefully into the realms of divine insight and wisdom. The third eye can serve as a gateway to trusting our intuition and gauge of our outer world. The remainder of this article will serve as a road map that will take you on a journey to understanding your own inner sight and the wondrous world of the third eye.  


Location and Function of The Third Eye Chakra  

The luminous indigo or royal blue colored chakra, the third eye, is seated about one inch above and between the eyebrows and is considered the first of the higher chakra systems described as the "seat of the intuition" in the origins of the Sanskrit language. Other energetic translations of the wisdom of the third eye can be understood by meditating on the ideas of sight beyond ordinary perception and the general realms of higher consciousness. Some view the third eye as a receiver of wisdom and higher conscience from the universe.  

The function of the third eye chakra is to assist us in trusting our intuition. It also functions in helping us learn from our experiences, trust and connect to the universe, find clarity and peace of mind, and trust any guidance we feel comes from a higher consciousness. Many around the world view the third eye as a gateway to the divine or enlightenment. This inner peace and clarity are known as a level of divine existence that allows the person to experience a sense of oneness with the universe and the energies that make it up. The third eye is seen as an access point to this energy and experience. Activities like astral projection, deep meditation, hypnosis, and channeling can be seen as a strength and function of the third eye as it strengthens and develops for each individual.  


Blocked Third Eye Chakra 

As with any other organ in the body, the third eye chakra can become imbalanced or blocked by many things in our natural environment and within our lives. Events that might block it include a time when you trusted your intuition or gut and the end result did not go to plan, or maybe you have experienced placing trust in someone only to find out later they were not worthy of this trust. Events such as these can make us question our ability to judge and understand the outside world, and this can cause blocks and imbalance in our third eye chakra.  


Symptoms of a blocked third eye chakra may include: 

  • The inability to focus. 

  • A lack of connection to the world or others. 

  • General confusion about your life direction. 


Unblocking and unlocking your third eye chakra can be simple and consist of enjoyable, regular practices that can establish peace and perception in your life. Here are some practices to heal it include: 

  • Crown chakra yoga poses. 

  • Breathing techniques, known as Pranayama. 

  • Broadening your viewpoints and perspectives in areas where you are more rigid. 

  • Decalcifying your pineal glad. 

  • Regular meditation and sunlight. 

  • Listening to binaural beats (a form of healing music therapy). 

  • Observe your thoughts more often through a practice like journaling or blogging. 


These activities and many more can establish regular care of your third eye chakra so it can maintain and protect your insight and vision to assist you on your spiritual and daily journey!  

The third eye chakra is the chain link to our intuition and inner guidance that gives us the confidence and foresight to go out into the world and feel confident in every step. Knowing what is aligned with our path and what is better left alone is where our third eye chakra is honed and energized. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and the third eye chakra is our tether to all that guides us beyond our human limitations.  


Ask a Psychic for Help  

As we continue to travel through each of the chakras and learn their use and functions, remember to use your third eye to find what aligns with you and new practices to keep all of your energy aligned and shining! If you think your third eye chakra is blocked or would like to open it, contact an Energy Healer Psychic here at PathForward or get connected to me, and we'll explore your chakras together.  


Psychic Ophelia x4290
Psychic Ophelia is a Spiritual Empath and Psychic Intuitive with over 10 years of experience. She is an expert in guided meditations and energy healing, dedicated to helping people find their happiest selves.  - Psychic Ophelia x4290

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