Decoding the Human Design and BodyGraphs Charts
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Decoding the Human Design and BodyGraphs Charts

March 15, 2021
Let your BodyGraph chart decode your true potential.

If you whispered in despair at your first glance of a BodyGraph chart, you're not alone. Those charts can look downright complicated when you're starting out. Don't panic — Human Design is actually a logical system.

What Is Human Design?

Human Design brings together principles from astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system, Kabbalah, and quantum physics. Luckily, you don't have to be a literal rocket scientist to decode Human Design.

Practically speaking, Human Design can show you where (and how) to access your consciousness and spirituality to make decisions and live as your true, authentic self. It's basically a map that shows you how you're unique, then guides you to live in a way that's in sync with your truth.

What Are Human Design Charts?

In Human Design, everyone has a chart called a BodyGraph, which is a lot like an astrology chart. BodyGraphs are calculated using your birth date, place, and time and define five personality types that show you:

  • Your authentic personality.
  • Strategies for success in your work, relationships, and life overall.
  • Your soul mission, or general life's purpose.

Speaking with a psychic advisor can help you create an actionable plan to put these strategies to use in your daily life.

The Five Personality Types

Your BodyGraph chart sorts you into a personality type:

  • Generators: Generators get things done from a place of joy. You have a sustainable life-force energy always available; that energy is your most important resource. You should be picky about what you respond to so you don't waste that energy.
  • Manifestors: Instead of sustainable energy, manifestors have initiating power. You can do it all when you're on, but need to protect your sacred time to recharge.
  • Manifesting Generators: MGs are the powerhouses of this planet thanks to a generator's sustainable energy combined with a manifestor's initiating power. You'll need to become intentional about where you put your energy, learning to slow down so you don't get busy with meaningless tasks.
  • Projectors: Receptive and filled with wisdom, projectors are the world's guides. You can see intimately and profoundly into others, but you don't have access to sustainable energy.
  • Reflectors: Reflectors are sensitive and receptive, taking everything in. You'll take energy from your community, the environment, and the lunar cycle. The right climate is super important for you, as you become whatever (or whoever!) you're around.

Benefits of a Human Design Chart

Your BodyGraph chart can teach you the strategies you should employ to make decisions based on your type. You'll determine your authority and learn how to access your bodily energy when making decisions. When you start living in alignment with your true nature, you'll tap into a level of acceptance and comfort for who you are so you can live out your real purpose.

How to Read a Human Design Chart

Reading one’s Human Design Chart is a matter of interpreting the patterned connections between the 9 ‘body centers’ – a network of various chakras and body systems. These body centers act as transmitters for different types of energy, and the interaction between the flow of these energies gives rise to the same kind of personality and destiny mapping often associate with astrology.

Learning to read and interpret a Human Design Chart is not easy, with many BodyGraph readers dedicating years of extensive study to the craft. There are, however, ways novices can learn, and it all starts with making your chart. Resources like The Jovian Archive can help you get started on your journey.

Talk to a Psychic Today

Getting a psychic reading can help you put this knowledge into action through guidance. With insight into the conscious and unconscious personality traits that form your profile, you can start on a path to holistic wellness. In other words, you'll have permission to lean into your natural energy and learn how to be your best self.

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