Diet & Exercise: How Much is Too Much? by PathForward Psychics
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Diet & Exercise: How Much is Too Much? by PathForward Psychics

March 14, 2020
Is pushing yourself to the limit hurting more than it's helping?
Is pushing yourself to the limit hurting more than it's helping?
Staying fit and eating healthy is important. Many people have trouble eating well and getting enough exercise, so motivation is commendable. But some women take it way too far, damaging their bodies instead of building healthy muscles and strong bones. Where is the line between a good, active lifestyle and diet and exercise gone too far?

Are You Staying Below Your Recommended Calorie Allowance? 
WebMD says that active women need about 2,000 calories per day, even when reducing weight. To maintain weight, up this to 2,400 calories if you're exercising. If you're restricting your calories below this level, you're dieting too much for someone who exercises. Even sedentary women need 1,800 calories per day. Exhaustion, an elevated heart rate, sleep difficulties, and a loss of appetite are all signs you're cutting calories too far or exercising too much.

Do You Work Out Even if You Really Should Skip?
If you're working out when you're too sick to work or skipping important social engagements to hit the gym or the track, this is a signal that your priorities are out of order. Over-exercise can lower the resistance of your immune system, so if you're pumping iron or hitting the treadmill while fighting the flu, you're giving your body double the trouble. If this is you, talk to a trusted friend or an online psychic.

Are You Getting Enough Rest?
Sleep problems are common signs of too many workouts. Some women begin sleeping too much, and others find they can't sleep at all. Pain from too many workouts or overly long workouts can also disrupt sleep, as can irritability due to an exhausted body and mind.

Instead of taking sleeping pills, skip the gym a couple of days this week and lower the intensity of your workouts. This often fixes the problems.

Do You Avoid Social Plans for Fear of the Menu?
Women with eating disorders often steer clear of birthday parties, reunions, dinner, the movies, and other important social engagements because they don't want to be tempted with the high calorie food or have to explain why they're not eating anything. Eating disorders almost always require professional help. Talk to a real psychic if you're avoiding your friends and family for a diet.

Are You Working Out to Compensate for Poor Eating Decisions?
Some women convince themselves it's okay to eat a doughnut or candy bar and make up for it with an extra half hour at the gym. This is a double whammy to your poor body, which has to deal with the sugar overload on top of sore muscles. Master your self-control at the table so you don't have to abuse your body to work off the calories. Muscles need protein to recover from a workout, not sugar and fats.

Do You Dislike Your Body Even When All Your Friends Envy It?
A sure sign that you've lost your diet and exercise perspective is when you continue to diet and kill yourself at the gym, even when any of your friends would gladly die to have your body. Everyone has things they'd like to change about their bodies, but if your worries are continual and serious enough to affect your self-esteem, you may have body dysmorphic disorder, according to Mayo Clinic. Only a trained counselor is qualified to help you, but this help can tremendously improve your self-esteem and your life.

Abusing your body with too much diet and exercise is damaging both physically and emotionally. If you feel this is you (or a friend), get help before the damage is permanent.

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