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Finding Peace in The Silent Spaces

September 01, 2020 by Psychic Halo x4168
There is no peace like inner peace!

Our world is hectic! Even more so now that many of us are working from home. It can be a struggle to separate work life from home life, which makes it even more important to do so. Between social media, the pressure to fulfill our life purposes brilliantly, and meeting more peoplein a single day than our ancestors ever crossed paths within a single lifetime – whew! We’re overwhelmed. And there’s no shame in admitting it.  

So, what's the remedy? PEACE! 

Peace is tranquil energy; a combination of freedom, trust, kindness, comfort, and ease. It brings the feeling that even though everything isn't going well, we can still feel calm. How do we find peace? Within the silent spaces. Below are 4 life hacks to manage your new normal and find a more peaceful vibe. 


Notice that we didn't say to just turn it off. Electronic devices radiate energy and can call to you even when turned off – no wonder it's so hard to put the phone down! So unplug them, take the battery out of the phone, laptop, TV, etc. Then maybe take a well-deserved nap, go for a long walk, or make yourself some tea and savor every last drop. Gaze at art or create your own. Whatever fulfills your mind, body, and soul WITHOUT tech will do the body so, so good! 


Meditation is as varied as the color spectrum. Active meditation is when you are doing something to focus your thoughts, like yoga or breathing exercises. Life is crazy, and as you know, we're so used to going nonstop and forget to recognize that amazing sound of – ah, silence. A chanting meditation where you create sound and then pause and listen to the absence of sound will help you to find the quietude. Play or listen to crystal singing bowls, then stop and perceive the silence. Sing a spiritual song‎ (Beyoncé totally counts), then stop and perceive the silence. Subliminal activities such as adult coloring books or doing a puzzle can make you more aware of the silence and count as a meditation. 


Pause more in conversations. Communication requires moments of introspection and feeling fully involved with what someone else is saying. Many are afraid of awkward silences, but the more we become comfortable with our own quietude, the more we'll invite others into the same experience. 


How do you know you've improved your listening skills and are pausing more? Record yourself! Have a genuine conversation with yourself with the intention of being more thoughtful and slower as you convey, then listen back to it. No judgment! We all do some weird things behind closed doors, and it's totally cool!  


Learn the steps you can take to find spiritual, mental, and emotional balance.  

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