Four Mantras for Summoning Cleansing Energy
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Four Mantras for Summoning Cleansing Energy

April 17, 2024 by Psychic Halo x4168
Mantras center spiritual focus around sonic vibrations - like a tuning fork for the soul.
Mantras center spiritual focus around sonic vibrations - like a tuning fork for the soul.

Mantras are a series of sounds – typically words - that are repeated over and over again through chants. This chanting serves as a vehicle for your mind to reflect on and to mirror out into the world of the energy of the mantra. They can be used for various purposes, but here are four simple but powerful mantras for cleansing energy you can start using today.

Why are Mantras So Powerful?

If you follow the biblical belief that in the beginning was the WORD and the Word was with God and the Word was God, then you can think of mantras as the living light of the Divine expressing Itself audibly. A mantra compresses the vastness of the Universe into symbols that, once expressed with your vocal power, awakens you to the truth that is beyond language. Science is catching on to the power of mantras as well, with recent research into its psychological benefits.

Easy to Learn Cleansing Mantras for Beginners

The following mantras have served many people well over the years, helping them to curb unhealthy habits, practice self-love, cultivate calm, and enliven their souls to deeper truths.  

  1. I AM

Say this mantra with touch breathing. Touch breathing is where you place your hands gently on yourself as you breathe. Inhale and place your hands on your heart and say, "I AM," and then exhale saying a positive trait such as "I am worthy. I am infinite." Or simply say, "I AM that I AM."

This mantra enlivens your spirit and reminds you to practice self-love. 

  1. SO…HUM 

Inhale and say, “So,” then exhale and say, “Hum.” Pause on the fullness of the inhale and pause on the emptiness of the exhale. This mantra helps to calm you and make you more present and receptive to good things happening. 


Take a full breath. Inhale and exhale. After, say, “Love.” breathe again then say, “Peace.” And then, as you breathe again and say “Release,” Visualize releasing any energy that no longer serves you into the loving hands of Mother Nature.

This is a healing mantra. 


State this mantra aloud and then inhale and exhale. Then flip it and say, "Now me within is success to all I need," and repeat.  This mantra, especially once flipped, helps to bypass limiting beliefs about yourself and life. You could also say this mantra for someone to remind them of their own greatness. 

Repeat each mantra at least three times and over time work your way up to chanting for 30 minutes. Doing a chanting mantra with a drumbeat or music can help to keep you focused and raise your vibration even further. 

There are many other mantras out there, some likely in languages you don't even yet know, which can help you go deeper into the energy of the symbolism because your mind doesn't have pre-constructed associations with the words. In any case, keep exploring the world of mantras to discover for yourself the ones that work best for you.  

And to the parents out there! Kids love chanting and mantras, making them a great window into teaching them about spirituality. It can be a fun exercise for them. 

So if you ever want to take your mantras further, or to unravel the mysteries found within, talk to one of our skilled advisors, who will happily help you on your spiritual journey.

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