Ghosting Your Ghosts: How To Cleanse Your Space of Negative Spirits

Ghosting Your Ghosts: How To Cleanse Your Space of Negative Spirits

October 18, 2021 by PathForward
Charge up some crystals when you need to send negative spirits out the door.
Charge up some crystals when you need to send negative spirits out the door.

Your home should be your sanctuary, but sometimes, ghosts and negative spirits find their way inside. Here's how to remove negative energy from your home.

Cleanse Your Mind

This may sound like one of those easier-said-than-done things, but the spiritual cleansing of negative energy really does start by getting yourself in the right mindset. If you find your mind constantly wrapped up in negative chatter, take a moment to envision white light surrounding you and your space. Imagine a white light that comes from your center, filling each room in your house or apartment with pure, white light.

Chant a Personal Mantra

Simply speaking positive intentions out loud can have serious effects. While you're sitting at home or smudging your space (more on that in a sec), repeat an incantation asking the universe to bless your space and fill it with love and light. Tell negativity and darkness that they're not welcome in your home.

Speak With a Psychic

Of course, some negative spirits are downright stubborn, and you'll need to use more advanced tactics to send them packing. Talk to a Psychic when you need personalized advice about how to cleanse your house when simpler tricks like imagining white light and chanting positive incantations just aren't working.

Smudge With Personalized Incense

Smudging has been used for thousands of years, especially by Native Americans, in cleansing rituals. You can use this art form to cleanse your own space, as long as you stay respectful. Sage and Palo Santo are limited cultural resources that have been strained by appropriation. Instead of using those sacred materials, you can create a personalized incense blend with other herbs that are meaningful to you. Then wave the smoke around your body, moving from head to toe, and imagine the smoke absorbing negativity. Move around your space with the burning bundle to smudge out every corner.

Clear and Charge Your Crystals

You can also cleanse a space with crystals. You'll find various crystals, all with different purposes, properties, and meaning, that you can charge under each month's full moon. In between full moons, you should soak crystals overnight in saltwater to clear them. Put the crystals on your nightstand or around your house, or even wear them as jewelry. Pro-tip: Desert rose, hematite, kyanite, obsidian, and selenite are all stars when it comes to clearing negative energy and fostering a feeling of peace.

Cleanse Your Home With Salt

Salt has been used in various cultures for spiritual rituals and ceremonies through time. The substance wards off evil spirits and cleanses spaces, and it offers the ideal final step once you've cleared out your space. Sprinkle some salt in on door thresholds and in the corners of your home to stop negativity from coming back in.

Need some help banishing negative spirits from your space? Get a Psychic Reading to get started. Experienced PathForward Psychics can help you find ways to rid your space of ghosts for good.


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