Guilt: 4 Reasons You Shouldn't Blame Yourself
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Guilt: 4 Reasons You Shouldn't Blame Yourself

August 28, 2020
Don't let guilt take over your life.
Don't let guilt take over your life.

Guilt is a persuasive, often unnecessary emotion that wastes your reserves and keeps you anchored in the past. There is a time and a place to feel guilty, but the feeling should never take over your life, especially if you try to make amends. Instead of living a life full of regrets, you need to move forward and learn from your mistakes so you don't repeat them in the future.

You've Already Apologized

This only stands if you have indeed apologized for any wrongdoing. Whether you stole your sister's boyfriend in high school or said something unkind about a coworker, you must make amends. You can't force someone to forgive you, however. You're only responsible for your own actions. If you've made a sincere apology, though, don't let guilt stick around—even if the other person doesn't accept.

If you've made amends but you're still feeling guilty, you need to talk to an unbiased person to achieve resolution. At this stage, talking to an online psychic can really help you. It's private, you can vent your feelings, and your psychic can help you put your guilt in perspective. Once you understand the feelings behind it, you can move past it.

You Can't Change the Past

The past is, obviously, in the past. You're not Marty McFly, so you can't change it. There are dozens of clichés that describe this scenario, and they're all applicable. You have regrets, but you need to look at them differently. What's the one thing you regret the most? What incident from your past makes you feel supremely guilty?

Now, what did you learn from that experience? What did it lead to, ultimately? You couldn't have learned those lessons if not for the incident causing you guilt and grief. Everything in the world happens for a reason, and it's up to you to figure out why. Just remember that regretting your past actions does nothing for you. Learning from them or apologizing for them, however, will do everything.

It's Sapping Your Energy

Guilt saps your energy like nobody's business. It leaves you tired, forlorn, and full of despair. What good does that do you, or anyone else? You need to channel your guilt into something more productive. If you haven't yet made amends, now's a great time to think about it. If you're moping because someone you wronged hasn't forgiven you, remember that you can't make them. You can, however, put your guilt to good use by helping others or giving back in another way.

It's Making You Stagnant

When you're filled with regrets, you're living in the past. Your guilt shouldn't hold you back from happiness, success, or growth. Take advantage of live psychic advice to move past your regrets. Discuss the things you've done, why you still feel so bad, and what might make you feel better. With the help of your psychic, you can come up with a plan that will help you grow and blossom.

A life filled with guilt and regret isn't good for anyone. Aren't you ready to learn from your experiences and then move past them?

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