Hauntings in Salem
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Hauntings in Salem

October 27, 2015
Experience the hauntings in Salem
Experience the hauntings in Salem

If you're intrigued by history, secrets, and witchcraft, Salem, Massachusetts, is a fascinating place to visit. This town has a deep history rooted in the belief of witchcraft and mystical happenings. The area really comes to life during the month of October for the Festival of the Dead, but you can experience haunted tours and visit historic haunting sites throughout the year. Take a look at these six hauntings in Salem and start planning your visit today.

The House of the Seven Gables (Turner-Ingersoll Mansion)

Many hauntings have been reported at the House of the Seven Gables, including a young boy playing in the attic and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s cousin, Susan, roaming around. Plus, sometimes the faucets and the lights turn on and off on their own. A real psychic medium has verified the hauntings at this eerie spot.

The Hawthorne Hotel

This hotel is believed to play host to several spirits, including the ghost of Bridget Bishop, who also haunts Gallows Hill. Hotel guests claim that furniture is mysteriously rearranged at the hotel and sometimes the strange scent of apples comes from out of nowhere. Be ready to experience a haunting if you stay here.

The Old Burying Point Cemetery

Many haunting stories come out of this Charter Street Cemetery. It is very old, and many of the headstones have broken or been knocked over. When the moon is right, you might feel the chill of this cemetery for yourself. It's free to visit and perfect for a moonlit stroll.

The Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Just down the street from the cemetery is the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, which is known to be haunted by some of the victims. If you’ve seen the classic Hollywood movie by the same name, you know about this terrible part of United States history. Back in 1692, 18 supposed witches were executed at Salem’s Gallows Hill after people claimed their spirits were being possessed by the accused. More than 150 people were accused and put on trial throughout the spring of 1692. After the trials ended, bitterness in the community lingered for centuries. Several hauntings happened as a result.

The Joshua Ward House

Giles Corey’s ghost is believed to haunt the Joshua Ward House. He was the sheriff during the Salem witch trials. Additionally, a scary elderly woman has been seen haunting the stairs in the house on several occasions.

The Salem Jail

Not unsurprisingly, many hauntings have been reported at the Salem Jail. Prisoners were sometimes left to die, which has probably caused some past prisoners to haunt the building. As you pass this building, the hairs on your arms will stand up because of the unforgettable aura.

This is just a small list of the hauntings in Salem. You can learn more from the Festival of the Dead. It takes place every year in Massachusetts during the month of October. There is a series of events for people to learn about strange rituals, heretical histories, macabre customs, and ghosts. Also, attend the annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo during the month of October, where you can get a live psychic reading.

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