How to Silence Your Inner Critic

How to Silence Your Inner Critic

August 11, 2021 by Psychic Christine x4063
Sometimes you just need to tell that little voice inside you to shut all the way up.
Sometimes you just need to tell that little voice inside you to shut all the way up.

Are you being kind to yourself?

Or have you slipped into a habit of judging yourself as somehow lacking? As less than you should be? Are you overly tired or low on momentum, having to force yourself to do normal daily things? This may be due to a combination of your inner resistance to change and the planetary movements that urge us to grow through simplicity and pure self. But it may also be that you have become a victim of your own inner critic. Let’s explore this possibility together and delve into the realm of self-judgement and self-critique - and see how the two can tarnish our shining souls if we let them!

What is an Inner Critic?

The inner critic is a voice that comes from the inside and, at its best, its job is to keep us safe. But at its worst, it echoes our insecurities back at us, yelling them in a voice that may sound like our own, our a family member, or someone else in our lives. So be aware, as there are multiple dimensions to the inner critic. They include…

  • The voice of FEAR is designed to stop us in our tracks for safety. But it also keeps us stuck in the past and prevents us from moving forward when we trust the messages of that voice.
  • We all have a wounded INNER CHILD voice inside of us. That part of us that feels unheard and unappreciated. Take the time to ask questions of that scared inner child and offer help as the grown-up version of yourself. Listen with your heart and treat your younger self tenderly.
  • The voice of the FEMININE ENERGY, who has been suppressed for far too long, is asking us to ‘allow’ the compassionate yet powerful energy inside each one of us to flow seamlessly through our male dominated world, creating more harmony and balance. Note: We ALL have both feminine and masculine energy in us, regardless of how we identify.
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How Do I Ignore My Inner Critic?

Life can be amazing, but it is also full of stumbling blocks and challenges. We all have a self-critical voice inside us who is calling for help. It does not matter if you had an ideal childhood or one that can go down in the record books (the bad ones…), we all have an inner critic; a voice of fear, shame, blame, comparison and punishment inside our head.

The process of the inner critic is harsh. It has created a well-worn path of judgment of self in our hearts and in our heads. As we hit roadblocks in life, we stumble. And that is where we can grow. But is also where we can crawl back into our safe zone if we listen to our inner critics fearfulness.

Instead of seeing yourself as no good or a failure when things do not turn out in your favor, consider that you can just hit ‘pause’ and look at this situation in a new way. Approach it from a different perspective. If you lost your job, or didn’t get into the school/program you wanted, or lost your romantic partner, maybe you just need time away to get clarity.

How Do I Heal My Inner Critic

  • Take a deep breath and start being compassionate and loving to yourself.
  • Be open to increasing your awareness and allowing new ideas.
  • Choose to surrender and let go of anything that is holding you down.
  • Relax, you do not even need to know exactly what you are releasing. Just calm your concerns and tune into your inner wisdom instead of your inner critic.
  • If talking to ‘adult’ you is hard, try to talk to the ‘child’ version of yourself, with compassion and kindness. Start there and see where this journey takes you. This is very healing, inside and out.
  • Regardless of your how you identify yourself, we all have feminine and masculine energy as part of our design. Accept that, and nurture it.
  • Cut ties and break cycles. If you are ready to release, you may know some of what you want to cut ties with, and that is great. But there is much more to the story than your toxic boss or annoying neighbor. Maybe there is something or someone much better for you personally or at work than where you are right now. You need to release your patterns, habits and expectations before you can attract what you are really looking for.
  • Pay close attention to the spiritual signs you are getting as they all have messages woven within them. Do not overthink, just allow…
  • Heal your Divided Self. We all have a love-hate relationship with ourselves because we judge ourselves that we are not good enough in so many ways. Now is the time to release and step into the true version of YOU.
  • Recognize that your Reality is everything you tell yourself is the ‘Truth’. This has been happening your whole life. You parents and grandparents had expectations and beliefs. And so does everyone else you interact with. Bottom line, these are your inner limitations that you have accepted as valid. But in truth, they are simply your past. The important question is, what do you want right now?
  • Allow the Evolved You to prosper. We are able to adjust and change things to our liking the more we broaden our perspectives and treat ourselves with kindness. You are so much more than you have allowed yourself to be. Take your higher and more conscious self into your daily life. Focus on what you truly desire, what is calling to you, and what warms you up, inside and out. Because that is what really matters.

In a Cruel World, Be Kind to Yourself

I hope you find these deeper discoveries helpful and that they have awakened the strength in you to be kinder to yourself! Reach out to one of our talented Psychics to support you with this situation, or anything else that is calling to your soul.



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