Put Your Brain on Silent - Tips for Quieting a Noisy Mind

Put Your Brain on Silent - Tips for Quieting a Noisy Mind

August 09, 2021 by PathForward
Noisy mind bringing you down? Try these strategies when your brain gets loud.
Noisy mind bringing you down? Try these strategies when your brain gets loud.

Hello, anxiety. Welcome, whirling thoughts. *Sigh* — Where's my cure for anxiety? 

If this sounds like your daily inner monologue, you're not alone. Constantly overthinking, oh... everything can be quite a drain. If you've already tried advice from well-meaning but less-than-understanding family and friends to a find a sense of calm with no success, you might be feeling a little hopeless right now. Trust us — there actually are ways to quiet your noisy mind. Here are some things to try the next time you can't hear the world around you through your own thoughts.

Lean Into Counter-Thoughts

When those unwanted negative thoughts start creeping in, respond to them with positive ideas. That may sound too simple to actually work, but even professional therapists tout this strategy. We humans are hard-wired to respond to situations with negativity, so shifting thoughts from bad to good is crucial for coping. Test your reality by looking for evidence to back up your negative expectations. You may quickly realize you've leaped to conclusions that reality doesn't back up.

Focus on Your Breathing

Yeah, breathing is automatic and natural. You know what isn't so automatic? Conscious breathing. If you're feeling anxious, those intrusive thoughts often take quick and shallow breaths along for the ride. Focusing on taking slow, long breaths can help you recenter yourself in the moment. Meditation really is a great tool for stress reduction, even helping to cut down on anxiety and improve your mood.

Speak With a Psychic

When you're spiraling into negative thoughts, pick up the phone or open a chat to speak with a Psychic. A Psychic Advisor can help you see your reality for what it really is, not through the noisy-thoughts lens you're currently using to assess things. An intuitive Psychic can also help you figure out which stress-reducing techniques will work best for you — and how you can integrate those strategies into your day-to-day routine so you're ready to quiet your brain as needed.

Keep a Journal

Journaling can offer a great way to rein in those noisy thoughts. Make time spent with your journal a daily practice to really reap the benefits. You don't have to take hours at a time, just commit to a few minutes each and every day for writing. Tell your brain that your journaling time is its window for thinking (and thinking, and thinking...) and try your best to save those thoughts for your journal. Over time, doing so will feel more and more natural.

Use Mantras and Positive Affirmations

You can divert your thinking patterns into more productive, effective directions using mantras or positive affirmations. By repeating positivity to yourself every day (like, seriously, look in the mirror and say these things out loud!) you'll start to internalize it. Calming mantras can also help you gather scattered thoughts. Try things like:

  • I accept myself.
  • I did my best.
  • I am in control.

Really: You've got this! If a noisy mind is #relatable, get some personalized Psychic Advice to get started on your own road to inner peace.

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