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Relaxing Yoga Poses & Breathing Exercises to Help You Destress

February 23, 2024 by PathForward

Positive Intentions Week 7

Where intention goes, energy flows! Positive Intentions is your 8-week plan to boost self-love, spiritual Zen, and energetic output. Check in each week for an uplifting task, act, or exercise (no sweating required) to clear your mind-space, sharpen your inner-focus, and create new rituals for self-betterment.

Destress with Relaxing Yoga Poses

Jams on, feet up, glass of vino on deck! After a long day, we all deserve time to decompress mentally and physically. But is there a right and wrong way to chillax? It depends on your goals. If kicking back with a good old episode of raunchy reality tv does it for you, then power to you! But if you’re having trouble sleeping, settling down, or feeling restless after a long day it may be time to switch up your routine with relaxing yoga stretches and deep breathing techniques. Here’s our favorite pose and relaxing breathing exercise to add to your routine:

Child's Pose


One of the most destressing yoga poses of all is Child’s Pose. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this pose is easy to learn and practice. Simply kneel on your mat or comfortable space with your legs together and sit back on your heels. Bend forward, let your chest rest on your thighs, and touch your forehead to the floor. Your hands can relax along your side or stretch out in front. You’ll feel good about adding this pose to your destress yoga sequence!

Ujjayi Breathing

Also known as yoga breath, this deep breathing relaxation technique will help you find calm, peace, and inner focus. Get in a comfortable seat and face your palm in front of your mouth. Exhale into your palm like you would if you were to fog up a mirror. On your inhale, keep your palm in position and breathe in, making that same ocean-like sound. Once you get the flow of it, try Ujjayi breathing with your mouth closed. Add this technique to your relaxing yoga routine or whenever you’re feeling stressed.

Did you feel that?

Oh, that was just us, sending you good vibes. Next week, we'll provide tips to help you meditate longer. Did you miss week 6 of Positive Intentions? Click here to go back.

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