Tips for Empaths To Avoid Absorbing "Dark Energy" From the Other Side
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Tips for Empaths To Avoid Absorbing "Dark Energy" From the Other Side

October 26, 2020
Giving too much of your time to toxic people can leave you feeling drained.

With tons of dark energy around us all the time, it's all too easy for empaths to absorb that darkness. Keep these tips in mind to avoid negativity.

Pencil In Some Happy Breaks

Make sure to do something that makes you feel good everyday. Being an empath is tough because you're constantly absorbing any energy around you — including negative energy. Putting in specific times to rejuvenate yourself with some positive energy can help counteract any dark energy that creeps in.

When you do encounter negativity, you can help reset yourself because you'll know you have a positive activity to look forward to soon. You can fill your "happy break" with whatever grounds you and makes you feel content, whether that's meditating, cooking a healthy meal, or chatting with a friend or loved one.

Set Healthy Boundaries and Limits

Remember, you have the power to control how much time you spend with stressful people. Feel empowered to set clear limits with people in your life, no matter how much you love them.

Does your sister want to vent about a toxic ex? Do your best friends want to binge-watch a marathon of Halloween films? Set a limit on time you'll spend participating in activities that leave you feeling drained (including time spent scrolling through social media!). And don't forget the power of "me" time if you're living with loved ones. Speak with a Psychic for practical advice for your own specific situation.

Meditate on Protection

Meditation can be a powerful technique for mind-body healing. Universal energy surrounds you, and you need to help yourself avoid negativity if you're an empath. That's especially true in the spooky Scorpio season and the time leading up to Halloween.

Through meditation, you can visualize a pocket of white light surrounding your entire body, creating a field of protection from dark energy around you. If you're around especially toxic people, take that a step further and visualize a fierce animal, like a jaguar, at your side to protect you.

Define Your Needs — Then Honor Them

As an empath, you'll learn that you're sensitive to certain things. When you have a moment of calm, make a list of the top five situations that rattle you emotionally. Then, you can plan ahead for how you'll react when that moment comes. Here are some common examples:

  • If you find crowds and their energy overwhelming, eat a high-protein meal to ground yourself before you venture out. Then, sit on the fringes of a social gathering instead of at the center.
  • If your maximum comfort level for socializing is a few hours, have a plan for transportation so you don't get stranded.
  • If someone is asking you to do too much, just give a polite "no" as an answer. You don't have to explain yourself.

You can learn more about how to guard your empath soul from PathForward. Avoiding negativity isn't always possible, but by staying away from it when you can and setting time to rejuvenate when you can't, you'll keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.

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