What Color Is Your Aura?
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What Color Is Your Aura?

February 03, 2019
Let your aura be your guide.
Let your aura be your guide.

Knowing the color of your aura can help you better understand yourself and how you interact with the world around you. This information can help you seek opportunities that you are better suited for and even help you make connections with people whose auras complement your own. A live psychic can help you decide.

Mutable Signs

People born under a mutable sign are flexible, adaptable, and thrive on change.

Sagittarius (Fire) Blue

Sagittarius relies on intuition to learn from and evolve with their surroundings. Their aura is blue, and they get along well with the red-violet aura of Pisces.

Pisces (Water) Red-Violet

Incredibly creative, Pisces can adapt to new situations easily and in ways that are often surprising to those around them. Pisces have a red-violet aura that leans more toward a neon fuchsia.

Gemini (Air) Orange

Gemini's logical mind will assess their environment, carefully weigh the pros and cons, and make the adjustments necessary to fit in. Their orange auras pair well with Aquarius.

Virgo (Earth) Yellow-Green

Virgos are healers. These nurturing caregivers are a welcome addition wherever they go. Virgos have yellow-green auras. They get along best with Aquarius.

Fixed Signs

The fixed signs are enduring and can sustain a steady existence for the long run.

Leo (Fire) Yellow

Leos are natural leaders. Yellow-aura Leos work best with other Leos; their decisive personalities meet with mutual respect. Even disagreements tend to bring two Leos closer in the long run.

Scorpio (Water) Blue-Green

Scorpios are driven. Once they set a goal and make a plan, they will pursue it doggedly. The planning skills of an orange aura Gemini make them a valuable ally to Scorpios, who have a blue-green aura.

Aquarius (Air) Violet

While many people believe Scorpios are hard-headed, they are simply focused and misunderstood. The violet-aura Aquarius, however, is stubborn. They work well with Scorpios because neither will quit their cause.

Taurus (Earth) Red-Orange

Tauruses are reliable. The blue-aura Sagittarius makes a good partner for Taurus, who have a red-orange aura. Intuition and stability together create a wise pair.

Cardinal Signs

The cardinal signs are instigators, each gathering people to them in their own ways.

Aries (Fire) Red

The fire sign Aries carries a red aura. They are passionate. An Aries can inspire multiple people to action at once. A pair of Aries form an incredibly compelling partnership.

Cancer (Water) Yellow-Orange

Those of the Cancer sign have a way of pushing buttons. Their yellow-orange auras pair well with intuitive blue Sagittarius to evoke powerful emotional responses in others.

Libra (Air) Green

Libra is often mistaken as indecisive when they are actually open-minded. A green-aura Libra should look to intuitive Sagittarius for advice and make a balanced decision that benefits all parties involved.

Capricorn (Earth) Blue-Violet

Down-to-earth Capricorns have a blue-violet aura. This sign is easy for anyone to get along with, but because they are so easy-going, a firm, yellow-aura Leo makes a great partner.

Knowing the color of your aura can help you maximize your potential in your career and even in relationships. A psychic chat can help if you're still uncertain how to use this information for your benefit.

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