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What is Distance Reiki and What are its Benefits

June 19, 2022 by Psychic Flynn x4269
Distance Reiki is an energetic healing technique with powerful potential!
Distance Reiki is an energetic healing technique with powerful potential!

When I was a boy, I always had an upset stomach. Sensitive stomachs run in the family, you see. But my mother had a trick, like mothers always do, that she learned while pregnant.

"First, you breathe in slowly, real deep. Now you put your hand over your belly like this."

This trick worked on more than an upset stomach. You can use it to take the pain away from almost any injury. Like when you bang your knee and instinctively go to grab it. Next time you do that, try taking slow, calming breaths while resting your hands over the scrape without touching it. Now watch how quickly the pain fades. When I was a boy, I thought it was magic. Now that I am a spiritual healer, I know the truth. Far better than magic, it was Reiki. 

What is Reiki?

The principle of all healing is to start within and work your way out. All illness, pain, and anxieties start inside and manifest externally over time. Sometimes that can look like suppressed emotions giving you an upset stomach. Nine out of ten times, health issues have to do with blockages in the energy fields that compose our bodies. Energy healing through Reiki addresses these blockages in the energy field and uses Qi or Ki to clear them. Reiki comes from the combination of Kanji Rei and Ki, which mean "universal life" and "energy," respectively. With this universal life energy, you can address health issues beyond the physical. The troubles of the heart, soul, and mind can all heal through Reiki, which will subsequently heal other areas of pain. That is why Reiki is such a harmonious practice and why Reiki benefits are praised. It heals beyond the body. Reiki can be the door that introduces you to a new level of emotional and spiritual growth. 

The healing practice of Reiki came to prominence after Mikao Usui, a young man born to a respectable family who studied Buddhism for the majority of his life, retreated into Mount Kurama seeking spiritual guidance. After 21 days of fasting and meditation, he witnessed visions. Those visions were of the four Usui Reiki symbols, including the symbol for Reiki distance healing used in remote Reiki healing sessions. Some believe a Reiki healer has to be in the same room as you to share Ki from the universal source to help you. Energy is channeled over shorter distances easily, so this makes sense. 

With our ability to communicate through vast distances in the blink of an eye, can Reiki travel just as easily? In a word, yes. 

What is Distance Reiki?

Say you want to send Reiki healing to your grandmother resting soundly in her bed somewhere warm. With distance Reiki healing, you can send healing Ki to her from wherever you are. There is no limit to the Ki a Reiki healer can share with someone. You can do this for everyone you love, and you can share it with everyone in the world if you can find the time. That is precisely how it should be. Healing energy is shared without limit and freely with anyone who needs it.

The techniques for sending distance Reiki healing can come in a thousand forms. There is no wrong way to perform a remote Reiki healing session, so long as your heart and intentions are in the right place. Being attuned to the second degree of the Reiki healing practice to send energy through the Reiki symbols is the first step. You don't need the Reiki symbols, but they help you focus your intention and channel the energy. If you know the person or have a photo of them, you can start by holding your hand over it while reciting the names of the Reiki symbols for power and distance healing. You do not have to say the names of the symbols; you can try tracing them with a free hand or even drawing them over the photo. Picturing them in your mind works just as well. Remember that you are healing more than just the body, but the fields of energy that make up the body. Picture white light filling their body and flowing towards the area bothering them, or even pouring into them like water in a glass. 

If you don't have a picture for the Reiki distance healing, you can also use a box or a doll. Picturing the box as the human body, then write their name on a sheet of paper and slip it inside. It will help you focus on the person who will receive the remote Reiki healing. Once your intentions are set, activate the "Power" Reiki symbol followed by the "Distance Reiki Healing" Reiki symbol. There are variations of the English names for these symbols, so make sure to use their proper Japanese names. That is the name the energy is tuned to and the name that will focus the Ki.

Another method that works wonderfully is to take seven crystals, symbolizing the seven chakra points in the body, and align them before you. Perform the traditional opening ritual to the Reiki ceremony, then hold your hands over the chakra crystal tied with the area of the body you are treating. As you're channeling the Ki into these crystals, harmonize with the person you are healing in your mental space while reciting the names of the Reiki symbols or tracing them with a free hand through the air. Feel the energy of life and abundance rising through you as you do these practices. Send them through their mental field, to their emotional field, and their physical body. There are many ways to send healing through this practice, and all are valid and beautiful. Just know that so long as the person is open to healing, they will receive the Reiki benefits. 

How You Can Benefit from Reiki

The benefits of Reiki can manifest themselves in a thousand and one ways. It will be more than just pain relief. Yes, your client will feel relief from pain, but they could also feel lighter and steady on their feet. You might find that the recipient of your healing will come back to you saying they've been very emotional and feeling overwhelmed with joy, or old memories have been resurfacing that once were foggy and distant. Some will find that they can focus on the task at hand with efficiency and clear insight, while others may be able to keep their emotions in line with the harmony they seek.

I've even had clients say they had pains they weren't aware of, and now the pain is gone. Sometimes even you cannot know how deep your healing will go. People have told me they feel a genuine sense of relief as if a burden they had been carrying for so long has finally lifted. All without starts within. Whether your clients know it or not, the healing starts there, in their deepest energy fields. Within the emotional, psychic, and spiritual plane rest any number of blockages. And though we aren't always able to see them clearly, we don't have to. 

Get an Energy Healing Reading

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Psychic Flynn x4269
A spiritual worker and Reiki Healer with over a decade of experience, Flynn has been working to share knowledge and healing with people around the world. He is the author of several articles and papers on spiritual practices and a Minister of Christ who has studied metaphysics and spirituality as a lifelong pursuit. Psychic Flynn x4269
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