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Which Chakra is Blocked? How to Identify & Clear Blocked Chakras

February 26, 2024 by PathForward

Positive Intentions Week 3

Where intention goes, energy flows! Positive Intentions is your 8-week plan to boost self-love, spiritual Zen, and energetic output. Check in each week for an uplifting task, act, or exercise (no sweating required) to clear your mind-space, sharpen your inner-focus, and create new rituals for self-betterment. 

Blocked Chakras  

We got 7 chakras, and unless you’re some kind of energy guru, it’s challenging to understand what blocks each chakra. And when life doesn’t slow down, it’s only natural that one (or two or three) is bound to be blocked. Stress, negative emotions, and toxicity are all culprits that can impact the way energy moves through our bodies and contribute to the psychological signs of blocked chakras.

Curious which chakra is blocked? Here are the top blocked chakras symptoms:  



Knowing the crown chakra blocks and how to heal them is so important to our health and wellbeing. Symptoms include poor sleep or feeling unsettled at bedtime.

Third Eye

Inability to concentrate or lack of imagination.  


Fear of speaking your truth.  


You may be wondering, “why is my heart chakra blocked?” Dwelling on the past or inability to let go of grudges are tell-tale signs of a blockage.

Solar Plexus

Stomach chakra blocked? Feeling overly aggressive or self-centered? Your solar plexus is likely to be blocked.


Feeling emotionally drained or shy around others.  


A constant sense of tension and impatience. Clearing a blocked root chakra is especially beneficial to your mental health and wellness.

Quick Ways to Unblock your Chakras

Root - Put down the phone and disconnect from technology. Engage in self-wellness practices such as a yoga class or reiki healing session.

Sacral - Take a hike and get grounded in nature. Take off your shoes, close your eyes, and feel the earth beneath you.

Solar Plexus - Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus! Wear or carry healing crystals such as Amber or Yellow Tourmaline.

Heart - Repeat loving mantras such as, “I am loving, open to receive, and available.” Engage in yoga poses or stretches that open the heart, such as downward-facing dog.

Throat - Focus on deep breathing. Try restorative yoga poses that release neck tension, such as plow pose.

Third Eye - Take a bath with essential oils or tune-in to a sound therapy such as Tibetan Signing Bowls.

Crown - Expand your mind with a spiritual or self-help book, podcast, or practice daily affirmations.

Did you feel that?

Oh, that was just us, sending you lots of love. Next week, we’ll help you raise your energetic vibration. Did you miss week 2 of Positive Intentions? Click here to go back.

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