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Tarot Tutorial: Ace of Wands

June 17, 2022 by PathForward
Discover the meaning of the Ace of Wands!
Discover the meaning of the Ace of Wands!

Sometimes, it takes a little spark to light the world on fire.  That’s the vibe of the Ace of Wands.  All of the Aces are about little things with big potential.  The Ace of Wands is the most dynamic of all the Aces, so expect a big burst of energy to go along with the appearance of this card.  Just remember that unfocused energy can burn itself out really fast.  It’s up to you to find a place to direct it to make the maximum positive impact on your life. 


Ace of Wands in a Love Reading 

The Ace of Wands in a love reading promises some thrilling times ahead.  It’s most definitely a card with the energy of a romance that comes out of nowhere to consume you completely.  This could signal the return of an old flame and a chance to pick up where you left off.  It could also mean love is about to sneak up on you while focusing on something else.  The pull to see where this might go is undeniable.  Is there any staying power to this relationship?  Could be!  Check on the other cards in the reading to see if there’s any fuel to keep the spark going. 

If you are in a long-term relationship, the Ace of Wands signals a period of renewed passion between you and your bae.  It might be triggered by a spontaneous or unplanned moment of fun together, but something has or is about to pop up to remind you of the spark you had at the start.  Sis, go ahead and enjoy this.  Your relationship can only get stronger from this renewed period of intimacy.  But keep in mind that one of the most traditional meanings of this card in a love (and future) reading is pregnancy.  Plan accordingly. 

Reversed, the Ace of Wands in a love reading is a buzzkill.  There’s a lot of talk but no action—and that can lead to frustration at best and wandering attention at worst.  Whatever promising spark exists is getting rained on.  The relationship is not being treated as if it’s a high priority for one or the both of you.  Gurl, you may need to take a good hard look at why that is.  It could be something from the past weighing you down or something (or someone else) pulling all the attention.  Decide how important this relationship really is to you before you proceed.   


Ace of Wands in a Future Reading Meaning 

The energy of the Ace of Wands can be summed up in a sentence: “Just do it  .”Momentum is on your side to take that big leap.  Yeah, even if it seems scary.  The suit of wands is linked to the element of Fire, and one of Fire’s big attributes is courage.  Now is the time to unleash your inner badass and be bold, girl!  Taking chances will be rewarded in ways you might not see at this time.  But there will totes be a payoff.  If you were looking for a sign from the Universe/your ancestors/guides about whether you should do the thing, your answer is here.  Go for it! 

The Ace of Wands can also signal good energy behind any new creative projects.  Now is a great time to pick up a hobby, especially an artistic hobby.  Get inventive and express yourself!  You might discover something new about yourself while you’re developing your skills.  Don’t rule out the possibility of meeting someone new either.  Check on the surrounding cards to get an idea of what to expect but enjoy wherever the process takes you. 

If the Ace of Wands comes up reversed in a future reading, that could be the deck calling you out for procrastination.  You can check the other cards to clarify what you’ve been putting off, but chances are, you already know.  Bestie, you need to pull your big girl pants on and take care of it.  It can also signify any sort of block towards a larger goal.  That’s not to say that getting what you want will be impossible, but it ain’t gonna come easy.  Check the surrounding cards to see what you can do to remove the blocks or pivot in your plans. 


Ace of Wands in a Career Reading 

Ooh, bestie, this is one of those cards you love to see turn up in a career spread.  Firstly, wands are traditionally associated with careers and career success.  Second, dat Ace be slamming!  Aces bring all sorts of bright and shiny opportunities nearer.  Put those energies together, and you’ll likely get a job or project you’ve had your eye on.  There’s a good chance that executing this job well will boost your career and maybe even be the first step towards much bigger things.  But remember, this is just an opportunity to show how bright you can shine.  It’s up to you to make the most of it. 

The Ace of Wands can also describe a potential work environment.  This can indicate a fast-paced situation where creativity and innovation are very important.  If this is the sort of space you thrive in, don’t sleep on jumping in.  If you know you do better with something that’s slower or has a lot more routine involved, you may want to hold up before you commit to it. 

When the Ace of Wands comes up reversed in a career reading, expect a lot of over-promising and under-delivering.  The job or project will fail to live up to expectations, or the team involved will be full of excuses for why tasks aren’t getting done.  There’s a chance that it will be a struggle to work up the motivation to perform your best.  Sure, you might be able to turn things around, but not without a whole lot of effort and focus.  Is that really what you want?  Check the surrounding cards, but you might want to walk away from this circus unless some extra benefits are present (either in perks or cheddar). 


Get a Tarot Card Reading 

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