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Tarot Tutorial: Eight of Cups Meaning

March 18, 2023 by PathForward
Are you ready to learn the meaning of the Eight of Cups?
Are you ready to learn the meaning of the Eight of Cups?

Few cards indicate as definitive of a goodbye as the Eight of Cups does. The figure on the traditional imagery of the card is clearly “over it,” turning their back completely on whatever situation they are leaving behind. But like our girl, PathForward blogger Samantha says, sometimes the best thing to do is close a chapter completely to start a new one with plenty of room for better things. Moving away from something that no longer serves you isn’t making a retreat; it is an opportunity to manifest empowerment and strength.  

Eight of Cups in a Love Reading 

It’s over, but you already knew that, didn’t you? The Eight of Cups in a love reading says that things have been off between you for some time now. This may not be the card you most want to see if you were asking about the chances of a lasting love, but the signs that this person was not your soulmate were already there. Your partner feeling restless isn’t new, though deciding to finally make a clean break definitely is. Remember, you don’t want to be with someone who is with you by default or habit. You deserve a lover who is 100% into you. So, while this might sting, this is also a new chance to find someone better for you. 

If the Eight of Cups comes up in a position representing you, then it should be no surprise where you are heading. You may not have been ready to rip the band-aid off to make that new start yet. Consider this card a nudge from the Universe to do just that. We can’t promise that there won’t be hurt feelings or even that it won’t feel weird to be de-coupled at first. But the fairest thing to do for both of you is to be honest that this situation isn’t right for you and move on. 

Did the Eight of Cups come up reversed for you in a love reading? An old flame might be suddenly appearing in your life—and you might start wondering why you broke up in the first place. Is the second time a charm for the two of you? Could be! But you’ll definitely need to look at the surrounding cards to get a full picture. It can also be a warning that fear of intimacy or other trauma might nudge you away from a fulfilling relationship. You absolutely want to get some objective input about the state of your love life, or at the very least, take some time to reflect on what’s really going on with your emotional needs.  

Eight of Cups in a Future Reading 

To grow into something, it usually means we’ve outgrown something else – that’s just life. When the Eight of Cups appears in a future reading representing you, it’s a sign that something in your life no longer serves you—a job, a living situation, a friendship even. That doesn’t mean it was bad for you at the time. It’s just reached its expiration date. Be grateful for the role it played it your in your life, then let it go.  

When the Eight of Cups turns up in a position representing you, your tarot deck is telling you that it’s not enough to let something just float out of your life. You’ve got to take the next steps forward, even if you don’t quite know what’s next. The surrounding cards can give you a clue if you’re stuck, but the important thing to know is that doing the same thing you’ve always done just isn’t going to cut it. Don’t settle for “meh” when “wow” is just around the corner.  One final thing to know about this card is that if your question had anything to do with timing, you’ll see things resolve within a month or one lunar cycle.  

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of closure, but seeing the Eight of Cups reversed in a future reading sometimes means you will get it. That closure helps you move on much more easily. It can also indicate an ending everyone involved feels good about—a graduation, moving to a new home, or getting a better job. While you are moving away from one thing, there is something very tangible you are moving towards that makes the transition feel smooth.  

Alternatively, seeing the Eight of Cups reversed can be a warning that you are about to chuck something out of your life that you probably should hold on to. It doesn’t hurt to take a moment to dive deep into yourself to ensure you are doing the right thing. The time you spend thinking about it can save you a lot of regret and heartache in the future. 

The Eight of Cups in a Career Reading 

The corporate-speak phrase that best matches the Eight of Cup’s energy in a career reading is, “We’ve decided to move in an alternate direction.” Expect a definite change of focus, mission, priorities, or even location in your workplace. This can cause you to reassess whether this is the right place for you. Also, there is a possibility that layoffs are involved in your organization’s change of direction.  

If the Eight of Cups came up in a position representing you, you should rethink your employment situation. Are you there because you love what you do? Or are you sticking around out of habit? Now may be a good time to look at what else is out there. Something may already be bugging you about your work situation, so take this as a sign from the Universe that it’s time to try something new—maybe even a complete change of field. 

When the Eight of Cups shows up reversed in a career reading, it’s telling you that now may not be the right time to make any big moves. Your time will be better spent seeing what’s working for you now in your current situation, maximizing that instead of abandoning it altogether. Make a list of pros and cons, talk to a trusted friend, but definitely do not make any permanent decisions until after thinking it through. 


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