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Tarot Tutorial: Page of Pentacles Meaning

September 24, 2022 by PathForward
Learn the true meaning of the Page of Pentacles!
Learn the true meaning of the Page of Pentacles!

The Page of Pentacles has one of the most interesting mixes of energy in the tarot court. On the one hand, they have the steadiness of the Pentacles side. On the other, there’s still this youthful vibe that comes from being a Page. Put them together, and it’s like they’re the kind of kid people call an “old soul.” They’re still inexperienced at the beginning of their journey in life but have a definite sense of who they are and what they want.

Remember, court cards don’t always refer to a specific gender or even a particular person. Sometimes they show up as a nudge from the Universe when it’s time to embody aspects of the royal in question. Traditionally, Pages represent children, but they can also represent anyone young at heart, like your auntie who decided to return to school in her sixties. The Page of Pentacles is also linked to earth signs, so it can represent people born under the signs of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, or just anyone with a handful of dreams and a truckload of determination to make them happen.


The Page of Pentacles in a Love Reading

As the most serious of the Pages, the Page of Pentacles in a love reading is not the hit it and quit it type. There’s still all the excitement and butterflies you’d expect from a new love, but your boo has one eye on the future too. The moment they don’t see you in it, they’ll bounce. If you’re in a similar place in life, then congrats! You’ve found someone whose youthful vibes keep things fun and whose grown-up outlook means they are willing to put in the work to make love last.

If you are in a committed relationship, this can signal a period where you and your love start addressing issues that have been causing problems between you. The Page of Pentacles has some of the same energy of a small child who just blurts out truth bombs. It might feel awkward, but admitting these truths and dealing with them are the first steps toward strengthening a relationship. The hard-working energy of this card also indicates that chances are good that the two of you are willing to do the work to love each other better, and your attempts will be successful.

If the Page of Pentacles comes up reversed, one or both of you is stuck in your own POV, perhaps regularly acting out in childish ways. Stomping your feet and yelling “I don’t wanna” (either in your head or out loud) is NOT how you keep a relationship going. You need to consider the other person’s perspective before digging into your position and acknowledge when they’re making a legitimate point. Sis, this relationship has some good bones! It’s a shame to throw away something promising and beautiful just because one of you is being stubborn or proud.


Page of Pentacles in a Future Reading

All of the pages are associated with the idea of messages, so seeing the Page of Pentacles turn up in a future reading might mean that you’re about to get some sort of correspondence, likely relating to education or finances. This Page is closely linked to any type of learning, so this could be the sign from the universe you’ve been waiting for to start taking classes in something that piqued your interest.

The Page of Pentacles can also mean you’ll be spending more time with a youngster born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn or any quiet or kind of serious kid. They’re definitely more of a Lisa than a Bart Simpson, with bookworm tendencies and driven to excel. The Page may also be a nudge for you to get more serious about cultivating your talents in a more focused way. Remember, the first step in getting really good at something is being willing to suck a little at the beginning until you get it right. Show up regularly for yourself and your dreams, and even if the start is a little rough, you’ll be better off at the end.

If the Page of Pentacles comes up reversed in a future reading, it can be a strong indicator that somebody (yep, maybe you, sis) has let some things slide, and there will be extra work involved in cleaning up that mess. Do not take on any responsibilities unless you are 100% sure you’ll follow through. It might be helpful to get to the root cause of your lack of motivation—is it laziness or something deeper? The surrounding cards can offer clues.

Alternatively, the reversed Page of Pentacles can also point to a single-minded focus that seems more like obsession than excellence. Other aspects of your life will suffer if you don’t hold up and take a few steps back. Make sure your hard work is in line with your higher self and not just something you do for the likes and status points.


Page of Pentacles in a Career Reading

The Page of Pentacles is a fab card to pull for career readings—with a caveat. Page energy is new energy, signaling the beginning of a journey. So, if you were asking if your new job would be your dream job, the answer is no. But it will put you right on the path you need to be on to get that dream job in the end. It can also mean getting a new work task that has the potential to lead to a promotion or more cash money if it’s done right. 

If you got the Page of Pentacles in a position representing you, take it as a nudge from the Universe that it’s time to get a little more serious about your career goals and make plans for where you want to be five years from now. The raw materials to get you there are all around you. You just need to recognize them to make them work for you. Check the surrounding card for some clues about what those assets might be. Once you have those on lock, it can supercharge your career path.

If the Page of Pentacles comes up reversed, it can signal that you are in a dead-end job. Your chances for a raise or advancement are nil. There’s also a good chance that the work environment isn’t supportive or makes demands that can take a toll on some aspect of your life. This is an excellent time to go looking for a side hustle or, better yet, a new job.

Did the reversed Page of Pentacles come up in a position representing you? Yeah, you may have already had a sneaking suspicion you’ve just been phoning it in at your job, doing the bare minimum while hoping no one notices. So… are you happy living that life? Bestie, be real with yourself. Not all of us are meant to rocket to the top of the corporate ladder, but life is too short not to get some fulfillment from your 9 to 5. Do some deep thinking about what you truly want, then act accordingly.


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