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Tarot Tutorial: Six of Pentacles

November 04, 2023 by Pathforward
What is the meaning of the 6 of Pentacles? Read on to find out...
What is the meaning of the 6 of Pentacles? Read on to find out...

Our world turns on the idea of giving and receiving. At its core, that’s what the Six of Pentacles is all about—the balance between the two. Remember as above so below. It’s not just the world that operates on a principle of reciprocity. The Universe does too. When this card pops up in a reading, it's a nudge to consider your own acts of generosity and how you receive the abundance of life. A problem in the way you handle the way you give and/or receive will create blockages in the way the Universe manifests its gifts to you.

What is the Meaning of the Six of Pentacles in a Love Reading?

People may not think of the Six of Pentacles when they think of great cards to get in a love reading but think about how healthy relationships work. There’s a good balance between give and take, right? Often to the point that no one is keeping score, and the love just flows easily. OK, so it’s not the stuff hit rom-coms are made of, but having a partner who is aware of the importance of balancing giving and receiving is important in a mature relationship. They’re a true partner in every sense of the word.

If the Six of Pentacles turns up in a love reading representing you, it’s a sign to check in with the way you give and take in a relationship. Perhaps you need to be a little more generous with the time or attention you give your boo. Maybe you need to think a bit more about your boundaries and where you might be over-giving. The surrounding cards will have the clues as to what you should be addressing. But either way, it’s important to adjust things to keep your relationship healthy.

 Did the Six of Pentacles come up reversed in a love reading for you? Unlike the upright meaning, where little tweaks might be necessary, seeing this card reversed means things are likely seriously out of balance in your relationship. One of the most common ways this can manifest as is possessiveness. You and your lover are going to need to have a serious talk about trusting each other. One or both of you might also be hoarding resources. We aren’t going to judge if there’s a secret stash of chocolate you never tell your partner about. But if you find that you’re keeping more substantial things from each other, that’s a good way to cut off any possibility of growth in your relationship.

What is the Meaning of the Six of Pentacles in a Future Reading?

You might be the beneficiary of someone else’s generosity when the Six of Pentacles appears in a future reading. Don’t be too proud to turn it down, especially if you truly do need it! The gift is coming from a good place and the giver has your best interests at heart and wants you to thrive. If you were asking about hitting any specific future goals, this unexpected gift might be just what you need to push you over the finish line.

When the Six of Pentacles comes up representing you in a future reading, the Universe may be asking you to pay some of your blessings forward. You’ll arrive at a place in life where you are not only comfortable, but you also have the means to sprinkle a little goodness on others who need it. Remember, that growth and change in the world happens when people offer others a helping hand. Plus, it’s great karma!

If the Six of Pentacles appears reversed in a future reading, help that you hoped was coming will fail to arrive. People who owe you favors will conveniently forget about them when you ask for help. Or you may get gifts, but they’ll come with some pretty thick strings attached. People may be jealous of you or something you have, and it could mean messy interactions. Deep breaths, bestie. Take some time to distinguish those in your circle who really are ride or die from the ones who just fair-weather friends and act accordingly. Also this card might be nudging you to explore why you haven’t been as generous as you could be in a situation. Exploring that might help you address some issues surrounding scarcity in your life.

What is the Meaning of the Six of Pentacles in a Career Reading?

The Six of Pentacles in a career reading represents a mellow and easy-going workplace, one where people regularly look out for one another. The environment is big on collaboration and team building, which is great, unless you’re the lone wolf type. But if you’re a social person, this is an ideal place for you to work. It should be easy to find a career mentor if you are looking for one too.

When the Six of Pentacles comes up for you in a career reading, it’s a sign to put yourself out there more, in the company setting, and see where your skill set is needed and find out which co-workers have skills that compliment yours. This is definitely a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Successful collaboration might also be the key to moving your career forward in the long run.

Did the Six of Pentacles come up reversed in a career reading? Don’t expect anyone to volunteer to help you when you are in a tight spot. And if they do, there will always be a “What’s in it for me?” vibe that feels more mercenary than friendly. People are jealously guarding their own “turf” and may turn nasty if they feel anyone is trying to move in on their area of expertise. Watch where you step, bestie. And maybe keep an eye open for something better for you if/when you get tired of the cliquish office politics.

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