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Tarot Tutorial: The Star Meaning

March 30, 2022 by PathForward

The Star is one of the most loved cards in the tarot deck. And for a good reason. Think of all the things that come to mind just from hearing the word "star." Do wishes or wishing cross your mind? One of the most straightforward interpretations of The Star card's meaning is a wish coming true. Who wouldn't love to see that turn up in a reading? It's also linked to the idea of faith, especially faith rewarded after a time of hardship or testing.

the star tarot meaning

The Star Meaning in a Love Reading

If the Star tarot card turns up in a love reading, it's an excellent sign for the relationship in question! It can mean a promising new relationship is right around the corner, one that will feel like a romantic dream come true. A meet-cute that morphs into swoon-worthy dates and soul-deep convos—yep, that's the kind of romance that can manifest itself when you pull the Star card. Just remember that a promising start is still only a start. It's up to you to build on the good vibes promised by the cards if you want it to become something with staying power.

If you are already in a relationship, it may mean your relationship is about to level up. Even if you've been feeling like the heat between you and a long-time lover has been slowly fizzling out, expect a period of renewal where stuff just starts to click really well. Taking time to talk things out or giving them the benefit of the doubt in a situation will pay off. You might find that your relationship is stronger than you gave it credit for.

If the Star comes up reversed in a love reading, expect things to be, well, less straightforward. Have you ever heard of the term star-crossed lovers? While your relationship isn't doomed to end up like Titanic's Jack and Rose's, it's fair to say some rom-com style shenanigans might pop up. While those are fun to watch on the big screen with a bucket of popcorn handy, they're a whole lot less fun to live through. The good news is that these little setbacks might end up proving the strength of your relationship. Also, be on guard against your inner cynic. It can wreck a promising relationship faster than an iceberg can sink a luxury cruise ship. Don't go looking for reasons to plant doubts.


The Meaning of the Star Card in a Future Reading

Remember, The Star card is part of the Major Arcana gang in the tarot, so unless your reading was for something specifically small in focus (like say, a daily one-card draw), it usually has some sort of tie-in to your overall life path. The Star card's appearance in a reading is usually an indication of massive high vibe energy coming your way. Even if it's just a daily draw card, expect some extra sparkles to pop into your day. It also could mean a miracle you've been waiting on is about to manifest itself.

But hold up a minute—how exactly is this high vibe energy going to show up in your life? It's really important to look at what the rest of the cards are doing in the spread. The Star's blessings often spill over into multiple areas of life, but there may be one or two areas in your life where you can really see it manifesting. Getting a hold of the last bit of funding you needed to start a business, finally getting to talk to that cute friend-of-a-friend you've been thinking about, that's all Star energy, sis. The Star card could also be shining down on a spiritual journey, indicating that you'll find a stronger connection to spiritual energy or even the presence of spirit guides taking a more active role in your life.

Seeing the Star show up reversed in a future reading still means there's a reservoir of good juju for you to tap into, but you're going to need to sweat a little to get a hold of it. The surrounding cards in the reading can be super helpful in diagnosing where the roadblocks are but don't forget to check for them inside yourself too. The Universe can align perfectly, but if your attitude and vibe are pushing the good things meant for you away, well, it's going to be hard for you to access it, isn't it? No is saying to drop your good sense at the door. But gurl, just open the door a teensy bit and allow for the possibility of blessings to enter your life.


The Star Meaning in a Career Reading

Been thinking about making some boss babe moves? Seeing the Star card appear in a tarot reading means the time to take action is NOW. The energy of the Universe is aligned to make it easier to reach any long-term career goals. Expect some beautiful synchronicities to manifest when you least expect them. You might overhear something about a job that ticks off all your "must-have" boxes when you're out having lunch. While you are out jogging, you might notice that a "To Lease" sign just went up in a location that's too perfect for a business you were thinking about starting. However, the Star's energy manifests, don't sleep on taking full advantage of it when it happens!

This is a good time to embrace taking calculated risks—whether it's spearheading a high-profile project, applying for your dream job, or opening your own business. The Star's shine says it's time to claim your worth. Sure, you can lay back and just let the Star card's high vibe energy do what it does, and it'll keep on twinkling positivity no matter what you do. But if you knew that your actions had some extra spiritual oomph behind them, why not be a little audacious?

The Star's energy is some powerful ish, but when you see it come up reversed in a career reading, expect some speed bumps. All this amazing positive energy is still accessible, but the window of time to jump on it is narrower or is shrinking exponentially as time goes on. Also, make sure that you aren't sabotaging yourself. Imposter syndrome could be a big factor holding you back from owning your worth. Do what you need to do to shut that nonsense down, and claim your crown, Queen.


Wish Upon The Star

Still trying to figure out how the Star card's twinkle will add shine to your life? We gotchu! Our Tarot Experts have got the skills to go deep when you need answers about love, career, or anything else that's been weighing on your mind. See how their insight can have you moving in the right direction to manifest the life of your dreams.

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