Vibe Check Tarot: Introspection And Self-Reading
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Vibe Check Tarot: Introspection And Self-Reading

November 02, 2022 by Psychic Zara x4257

Tarot has become more popular as we have moved into the Age of Aquarius. The stigma surrounding metaphysical tools such as tarot cards, crystals, sage, etc., have less of a stigma in modern-day society. Tarot card reading and the spiritual community are often demonized based on religious and cultural beliefs. Some see tarot as a tool that is used to spy on others. Although tarot cards can be used in this manner, it does not take away from the true purpose of tarot readings, which is self-enlightenment. 

More than Just Predictions

Tarot readings can focus on the recipient's energy or the energy of someone around the recipient. Readings can also focus on the energy of a situation. The information that Spirit brings through may be relevant to past, present, or future matters. This can be confusing since tarot readers and tarot cards are often sought out for "fortune telling." All information may not be tied to future situations. Usually, the info is to alert our spirit of unresolved emotions impacting our present state and/or potentially affecting us in the future.

Tarot is a tool for self-reflection. At times, our day-to-day existence causes us to lose our spiritual selves. We become so engulfed in our humanity that we tend to lack time for spiritual management. Due to societal constructs, we begin to prioritize our own wants, needs, and ideologies, living through the ego. A lack of self-awareness can make us more consumed in what is happening around us versus within ourselves.  Tarot card readings are often based on specific situations, relationships, people, etc. It is common for recipients to be hopeful for a desired outcome. The best readings are when readers allow received info to flow naturally. 

Our internal reality manifests our external reality. Although our external reality directly affects our internal reality, our internal energy is a priority. When we master ourselves, we master our environment. For this reason, it is not recommended to do tarot card readings on others' energy before understanding what we are experiencing within ourselves. Focusing on one's own energy is recommended for mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness. The ego leads us to seek answers/guidance outside ourselves, yet the guidance we need is within. In tarot, this influences people to read into the lives of others instead of themselves. Self-reading allows one to guide themselves into inner standing. Our physical experiences are training for our spiritual selves. Tarot can help make sense of the lessons those physical experiences are trying to teach us.

How to Check Your Vibe with a Self-Reading

The 78 cards of the Tarot represent The Fool's Journey. It is the path from ignorance into enlightenment. A journey of trials and tribulations meant to work as catalysts to awaken our spiritual selves. It is the shift from ego into the spirit - a continuous cycle.

Tarot does not discriminate. Anyone can learn how to read tarot cards. Each card in the tarot has a specific meaning. Each card also represents various planets, elements, and zodiac signs. Every reader has their own, unique style when interpreting cards. As a beginner reader, it is ok to interpret the cards at face value. Some readers have a natural inclination for divination and have strong intuitive gifts. This is a skill that can be developed over time. Self-reading is beneficial when connecting to your intuitive abilities.

Find a deck you are comfortable working with and become best friends with it. The more time spent studying the cards, the better. The more time spent working with the deck, the more natural reading the cards will become. You may also notice that readings are more detailed as time passes. Practicing helps produce more in-depth readings. Picking up the meanings of the cards will also become second nature. 

When it comes to choosing your layout, there are many spread styles. Select a spread that is easiest to interpret. Start with a one-card spread if multi-card readings are overwhelming. Pull one card in the morning based on the day's energy ahead. Take mental notice (or notes) of any significant events, moments, messages, interactions, etc. Reflect on how the card pulled that morning resonated throughout the day. This is a great way to become more observant of how our energy is affected by people/places/things. It is also a great way to carve time for daily introspection.

Tarot is a mesh of esotericism, astrology, numerology, astronomy, and other things. Studying outside the cards' meanings can help better decode Spirit's messages. The Universe speaks to us beyond the cards. Spirit uses our five senses as well as our "sixth sense" to relay information to us. It is necessary to be in tune with oneself to understand how our senses relay information. 

A key to doing a clear tarot card reading is having a still mind. Clearing one's space of negative energy and potential distractions is extremely important when preparing to read. Everyone has their own way of setting the atmosphere for readings. Do what feels most natural. Allow your spirit to guide your energy cleansing. Our internal environment is even more important than our external environment. A clear reading comes from having equilibrium. The purpose is to allow Spirit to lead the reading. Unbalanced energy tends to cause the ego to interfere with the true message that is meant to come through.

At times, we are hopeful for certain outcomes when reading ourselves. Accept what Spirit is showing. Give gratitude for the guidance. Forcing the cards to work in our favor negates the truth of Spirit. Again, the universe speaks to us in different ways. It speaks to us through synchronicities, songs animals, etc. Spirit may even speak through physical contact in the form of paranormal sightings and activity. Being aware of our surroundings as well as our mental and emotional state helps us pick up on energy/energies and information that may not be picked up during a reading.

You Don't Have to DEAL with it Alone!

Go into your self-readings with a clear heart, mind, and pure intent. And if you need help interpreting the cards, call me or another expert Tarot Reader here at PathForward.


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