The Root Chakra
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Chakra Cleansing Guide

The Root Chakra

What is the Root Chakra and Where is it Located?

With its bright red grounding energy, the Root Chakra provides wisdom and aids in your daily life and overall health. The Root Chakra impacts your physical and spiritual health, and there are many ways you can assist the balance and functionality of this energy center. Known in its foundation language of Sanskrit as "Muladhara," translating loosely to root or base, this chakra will connect you to a more profound invitation to your inner stillness and so much more. 

The Root Chakra provides the energy to hold you to the planet Earth, connecting you to your ancestors and the physical and metaphysical roots that anchor you to this life and existence. It also assists in exchanging usable energy from the giving and loving mother earth into our bodies. The Root Chakra is located at the bottom of the spine and is the ‘seat’ of the Chakra Column. This is where you can focus your meditation and thoughts when interacting with this energy center. The energy of the Root Chakra is often related to that of a tree with large, penetrating roots that anchor and fix one to the larger existence we experience here on planet Earth. You can easily find this center by following the spine to the bottom of the waist and hips and locating where your tailbone meets the Earth when you sit. The Root Chakra resides in the lowest area of the womb in the feminine. 

What does the Root Chakra Do?

Glowing bright red, the energy of the Root Chakra channels the energy of the Earth Element and is functionally formed at the beginning of your life by a sense of security and safety. Those lacking experiences aligning with home, comfort, protection, and confidence will find this center may need more attention and activation than others. This can be done by going deep within and finding ways to increase feelings of safety and security. Methods of Root Chakra maintenance include talk therapy with a licensed professional, life coaching, identifying sources of insecurity, doing things that may scare you, finding peace in uncomfortable situations, and discussing topics with parents or loved ones needing healing or closure.  

This energy center is associated with the mental health aspect of self, how you look at yourself, and how you interact with the world around you. Suppose you find yourself withdrawn, scared, anxious, nervous, or emotionally exhausted at the thought of sharing your life with others or being part of the world outside your safe space. In that case, you may need to investigate ways your Root Chakra may be blocked or imbalanced. 

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What Are the Signs of a Blocked Root Chakra?

Energy, like water in pipes, can get stuck or blocked. In energy, those blocks look like unpleasant emotions, physical pain, disease, or negative energy. We may experience a range of negative circumstances when our Crown Chakra is blocked or out of balance. This can include but is not limited to difficulty meditating, feeling disconnected, spiritual boredom, lacking purpose or drive, isolation, stubbornness, sarcasm, narrow-mindedness, materialism, and insomnia. These negative side effects of a blocked Crown Chakra can damage the individual experiencing it and even cause blocks in other chakras in the body and energetic systems.

Blocked energy in the Crown Chakra can cause several issues, but more deeply, it can affect the value and clarity of the information we receive and send to the Universe. Feelings of lack and issues of identity can also stem from a blocked Crown Chakra. What we tell ourselves is often the story we tell the Universe as well. When we communicate from a state of imbalance, the Universe struggles to hear our message clearly. Balancing the Crown Chakra is like turning the dial on an old-school radio, allowing for the clarity of our soul song to reach every corner of the Universe and be responded to with loving generosity. Luckily, the ailment of a blocked or imbalanced Crown Chakra has many remedies, which will be discussed further below.

How do I Unblock my Root Chakra?

Remedies that may help you or loved ones with refocusing, healing, and unblocking the Root Chakra are varied and can be adapted to the individual. It is essential to sit in stillness with the self and ask very calmly what you may need to help reactivate or re-center the Root Chakra. Remember that this energy center is linked to early childhood and senses of how you formed your ability to self-soothe, your reaction to fear or panic, and how you regain control over your environment. Proceeding with activities focusing on these areas is the best and quickest way to remedy blocked Root Chakra energy.  

Additionally, having meaningful reflection with yourself, also known as Shadow Work in the spiritual communities, can assist with finding remedies that will be most effective. These activities include reflective journaling, openly accepting and internalizing corrective criticism, being aware of how you operate and engage others, and finding ways to better that approach. You can focus on being invested in the things you do daily, being present in what you undertake, and finding a quiet place to reflect. These are all great ways to rebalance and unblock the Root Chakra to re-establish a connective and energetic flow to this region of the energetic body. 

Chakra Healing Meditation for the Root Chakra

Here's a guide on how to perform a basic cleansing meditation for the Root Chakra: 

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can sit with stability. Take a seat, ensuring your spine is straight, and your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Rest your hands on your thighs, palms facing downwards. 

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax and ground your energy. Feel the connection between your body and the Earth beneath you. 

Visualize a vibrant, glowing red light at the base of your spine, representing your root chakra. See this light growing brighter and more powerful with each breath you take. 

As you focus on the red light, imagine it radiating warmth and stability into your root chakra. Visualize any imbalances or blockages being released and dissolved, allowing the energy to flow freely. 

With each inhale, feel the red light expanding throughout your lower body, nourishing and grounding your Root Chakra. Experience a sense of security and connection to the Earth's energy. 

Repeat positive affirmations that resonate with the root chakra. Use statements such as, "I am safe and grounded" or "I trust in the abundance and stability of the universe." 

Stay in this meditative state, focusing on the sensations in your lower body and the radiant red light. If your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the visualization and the energy of your root chakra. 

When you're ready to conclude the meditation, take a few deep breaths and gradually bring your awareness back to your surroundings. Open your eyes and take a moment to appreciate the newfound sense of stability and grounding within you. 

Regular practice of this Root Chakra cleansing meditation can help balance and strengthen your foundation, allowing you to feel more secure and connected in your daily life. Embrace the nourishing energy of the Earth and walk with confidence and stability on your life's journey. 

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