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Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscope for April 18 – April 24

Possible changes and improvements with love and abundance are in the stars this week. Tell the Universe that you want positive changes as it is ready to listen. Speak from your heart and soul about your feelings, as this will be more powerful than making a list from your rational mind. As Mars enters Cancer on April 23, we are drawn to being more social (in whatever way feels right to you), and we may get inspired to ramp up home improvement projects or reconnect with family more deeply.

This is a good time to reconnect with friends and family if you have hit some tough spots or difficult conversations. Since the energy is supporting you with feelings of calm, it’s ideal to meet old friends or patch up misunderstandings or communication that has gone stagnant.

You are drawn to your true essence. Affirmations: 1) I am rooted in the earth. 2) I embrace my worthiness of abundance of all types. Crystals are calling you: Green Aventurine attracts cashflow abundance and promotes relaxation, rebuilding, and recovery. Blue Kyanite removes literal and energetic blockages and may aid throat, brain, and muscular health challenges.

Cash flow and incoming money is starting to feel blocked. Do not be overly concerned, as this is only temporary. Keep believing in yourself and imagining your success moving forward. Focus on your future manifestations, and before you know it, breakthroughs will be popping up all around you.

Financially, you have caught a lucky star! Your income has increased, you are paying off debts, loans are re-paid to you, and you're living in a state of abundance with your finances. Family support and real estate deals will also be positive for you.

Finances are flowing positive this week. Between April 22-24, you are likely to receive financial windfalls and surprises, such as opening work opportunities. Your faith and confidence in yourself are the magic keys.

Continue to be very mindful of your health and energy. Now is the time to invest in rebuilding yourself and getting plenty of down-time and extra rest. Also, replenishing your body with foods and beverages that support your immune system and energy levels is key.

You will be glad your debts and expenses feel lower right now, as outgoing money seems to be increasing due to children or lifestyle choices. Keep your eyes on living a balanced and more harmonious life, and you will get control of this too.

Pay close attention to your health and overall wellbeing. Do not be surprised if your energy levels seem lower than usual. Do not be concerned. This too shall pass. Instead, invest the time in a lot of meaningful self-care that revives and inspires you.

Your relationship with your partner is moving in a glorious direction. It is getting closer every day to your ideal connection. Take notice, tune in to the energy, and take forward action steps. This time may not come again anytime soon.

You are not feeling incredibly energetic or motivated. Carve out consistent time to recharge your batteries in whatever ways are calling to you. Spending time in nature and with animals will calm your soul and ground your energy to new levels, especially if you do it consistently.

Your money picture is improving. The cashflow ‘pie’ is growing consistently larger as expenses are both reasonable and justified. Manifest your ideal financial image by using all of your senses and vivid imagination. Believe it. Create it. Live it.

Your personal life is full of many choices depending on your unique situation. Spouses in a happy relationship will solve important concerns. Divorcing and separating couples will stop the drama and anger and choose helpful solutions instead. Challenging connections with relatives will start to improve.

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“I’ve been divinely guided my entire life — although it took me many years to really trust it! After a variety of challenges, I surrendered to my true calling as a spiritual psychic counselor with a passion for energy work and astrology.” - Psychic Christine x4063

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