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aquarius Yearly Horoscope

Jan 20 - Feb 18

What's in Store for aquarius in 2023:
Money, Love, Career

In a year where there is not only a lot of change with some of the most powerful planets in the solar system on the move, this will have major implications for you more than other signs and in a way that could impact your life for years to come in an exciting and positive way. You have had Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and one of your two ruling planets in Aquarius since 2020, bringing you to the start of a new three decade long Saturn cycle. It can feel like Saturn and therefore life itself has been tough on you at times, but at the start of a major new life cycle, he wasn’t about to let you cut corners. Saturn is a planet that demands discipline but also turns everything into a learning experience. If there have been challenges over recent years you cannot so much blame as thank Saturn, for by the time he leaves on 8th March you will have spent nearly three years taking your power back.

While Saturn will move on and will return to your income sector where he will spend the next three years giving you the power to push through glass ceilings, roadblocks and barriers, whether real or imagined, he will still be in Aquarius as you move into your birthday month and new solar year on 19th January, getting this off to a powerful start. As is always the case, the faster planets will move through Aquarius in the early months of the year, starting with Venus’ return on 3rd January, something that will give your heart a voice as you move into Saturn’s final months. However, while Saturn’s departure on 8th March will leave you with no planets in Aquarius for the first time since 2020 that won’t be the case for long with Pluto, the planet of change and revolution returning just a few weeks later to begin his first visit to your sign in our lifetime on 24th March.

Pluto will retrograde back out again on 11th June, but he will return in January, with his return in March more the beginning of a journey towards change and evolution that will span the next 21 years, right through to 2044. What Saturn has laid down the foundations for Pluto will build on from. The other major planet on the move is Jupiter, who will spend until 17th May getting the year off to an expansive start on the communication front and for making big plans or ideas. Jupiter expands what he touches and your communication sector is all about communication and all things intellectual. It is then that Jupiter will join Uranus in your home and family sector to begin an expansive 12 months for home, family and/or property matters. However, those months spent getting the communication lines open will soon prove their worth with Venus, the planet of love in your relationship sector from 6th June to 9th October, her longest visit in our lifetime.

Aquarius Money Horoscope for 2023

While in the broad sense this year follows the same pattern as in previous years, which means a lot of planetary activity on the income side of the financial fence in the early months of the year and then scaling back in a way that keeps the wheels turning and no planetary activity on the other side of the financial fence in your financial sector until the second half of the year, on both sides there is something that raises the bar. So much so that this makes this the most significant year on the financial front, where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have in two years but one of the most significant on the income side of the financial fence ever. The year begins with Jupiter having just left your income sector for the second time in 2022, once again leaving Neptune on his own. Having spent much of last year together, the planets of luck and dreams have breathed new life into old dreams, created a new sense of what’s possible and plenty of momentum.

Keen to capture this will be Venus, who will return for what can be the most lucrative weeks of any year from 27th January to 20th February. This gives the planets of money and dreams time alone to focus on what’s possible and for what might feel more like wishful thinking but will be more valuable than you realize at the time. This was always going to be the case, with the Sun’s return from 19th February to 21st March and Mercury’s from 3rd March to 19th March bringing the reality checks and the smart head for money needed to focus on the when, where and how. However, what makes the weeks spent wishful thinking even more significant is what happens next, which is Saturn’s return to your income sector on 8th March for the first time in three decades. Saturn is all about structure, discipline and hard graft and with he and Neptune both here until early 2026, this is when the real work to turn dreams into reality begins.

Both are here for the rest of the year but with Saturn in retrograde motion from 18th June to 4th November and Neptune from 1st July to 7th December, they will both take a backseat as they return to the drawing board. This is when money matters will get some much needed attention and with perfect timing. It is just 10 days after Neptune turns retrograde and income matters step back that Mars will return to your financial sector, where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have for the first time in two years. From 11th July to 28th August Mars will fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit in what is a real chance to take your financial power back. With Mercury here from 29th July to 5th October and the Sun moving through within that time, these are the most active months of the year for money matters, with Venus returning from 9th October to 8th November to ensure that everything that can be exploited has been.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for 2023

This year has something special and over and above the norm on offer on both the romantic and relationship fronts, though at different times of the year and that will work to your advantage. With romantic matters getting off to a good start, this is a chance to put maximum energy into matters of the heart and all things romantic in the early months of the year, before your relationships are set to get a major boost in the middle months of year. As the balance of power shifts from romantic and relationship matters, you might find that what starts out as a romantic adventure progresses into something more enduring on the relationship front. Beginning the year with Mars in your romantic sector is going to get the year off to a romantically charged start but things will get an additional boost when Venus, the planet of love returns to Aquarius on 3rd January.

When Mars returned to your romantic sector in August 2022 it was for the first time in two years, with the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos normally spending six weeks firing things up. Instead, a retrograde turn has not only kept Mars here but even after he turned direct on 13th January, by the time he leaves on 26th March this will have been his longest visit in eight decades. While there is no other planetary activity in your romantic sector while Mars is here, having Venus in Aquarius until 27th January will allow you to make the most of the final days where the doors are open to the past and second chances and help get things up to speed again once he turns direct. Running ahead of schedule, something that will later have huge implications on the relationship front, Venus will return to your romantic sector on 11th April, just a few weeks after Mars leaves on 8th May.

Venus will leave on 8th May but from the Sun’s return on 21st May to Mercury’s departure on 27th June they will help to bring this romantic chapter home. It is on the same day that the Sun returns to your romantic sector that Mars will return to your relationship sector on 21st May but unlike the seven months he has just spent in your romantic sector, he only has until 11th July to fire things up. That is more than enough time because it is on 6th June that Venus will make an incredibly early return. With the Sun not returning until 23rd August, Venus is so far ahead by then that she will be pulled back, with a retrograde turn on 23rd July keeping her here until 9th October. This will be Venus’ longest visit to your relationship sector in our lifetime, giving the planet of love more than enough time to work her magic.

Aquarius Career Horoscope for 2023

Apart from a Full Moon in your work sector on 7th January, there is no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses as you move into the new professional year, as is normally the case. The most active months of the year on the job front are normally the middle months of each year, while the focus will shift onto career matters around October and November each year, centered around when the Sun will move through your work and career sectors. This year we have two planets that are changing things up on both fronts but for different reasons. One is Mars, who will not only make his first visits to your work and career sectors in two years and the other is Venus, who because of a retrograde phase will be early to return to your work sector and late to return to your career sector, in both cases extending the normal period of planetary activity.

This will be experienced first on the job front, with Mars’ return to your work sector on 26th March kicking things off three months before the Sun is due to turn the solar spotlight onto work and job matters. Mars is here from 26th March to 21st May and held back by a retrograde phase, he will be ready to make up for lost time. These could be the busiest and most driven weeks of this professional year on the job front, but it will also set the scene for everything that will follow on from this. It is while Mars is here that Venus, running ahead of schedule will make an early return, moving through from 8th May to 6th June, again long before the Sun even gets here. It is while Venus and Mars are together that they will bring desire and drive together to really make things happen.

Venus’ departure will leave things empty, with the Sun returning on 22nd June and Mercury on 27th June to tie things up just as work and job matters are usually just getting started for the year. All planetary activity on the job front will finally run its course when the Sun leaves on 23rd July, three days short of four months after Mars returned to fire things up. It is less than two months later that Mars will do it again, this time returning to your career sector on 12th October to begin the first planetary activity on the career front for the year. This time the Sun and Mercury are a lot closer, with Mercury returning 10 days later and the Sun on 22nd October. With Mercury here until 10th November and the Sun until 23rd November but Mars not leaving until 24th November, he will be here, firing up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit throughout this year’s normal planetary activity on the career front. Missing is Venus, who held back by a retrograde phase will make a standalone visit from 5th December to 30th December, exploiting what has already been created.

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