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libra Yearly Horoscope

This is a year where what it says on the box might be an indication of the early part of the year, but not the year as a whole, and there is nothing to indicate a major shift ahead to the playful, creative, and adventurous side of life’s fence. This isn’t something that will happen in one fell swoop and instead in two parts, the first on 21st January and the second on 26th May. The planets behind this shift are Jupiter and Pluto, who as you move into the New Year have their focus on home and money matters and as they are working in harmony, with a nice overlap between the two. New Year’s Day is Jupiter’s first full day in direct motion in your financial sector, but still at a standstill and not leaving until 26th May, this takes the brakes off your biggest year for financial growth and expansion in over a decade, but with the best still to come.

At the same time Pluto is in his final weeks in your home and family sector and while after 15 years the planet of change and revolution left in March 2023, he retrograded back in less than three months later and has been here ever since. With the Sun always spending the last 10 days and the first three weeks of each year in your home and family sector, the solar spotlight is always on home, family and/or property matters at this time of year. However, never before with lucky Jupiter in your financial sector and in harmony at the time. The Sun and Pluto will both leave on 21st January, but a parade of planets, including Mars making its first visit in two years, will keep things active on the home front until 8th February.

It is then that the Sun and Pluto will return to your romantic and creative sector and while the Sun is only here for a month, apart from the 11 weeks when Pluto will dip back into your home and family sector from 2nd September to 20th November, he is here until 2044. This is where Pluto will make his home for the next 20 years and while this means that he is no longer in harmony with Jupiter, which won’t be the case for long. On 26th May, Jupiter will not only return to your sector of adventure, travel, learning, and discovery but straight into a friendly aspect to Pluto, and apart from the 11 weeks when Pluto is gone, they will continue to work in harmony until June 2025. This will put the focus on the playful, creative, and adventurous side of life’s fence in a way not seen before. Helping to keep things balanced is Saturn, who apart from spending the whole of 2024 in your work sector, will keep things grounded.

Libra Money Horoscope for 2024

While there is no planetary activity in your income sector as you move into the New Year as Venus, the planet of money only left on 30th December 2023, there is not only plenty of momentum but with a lucrative sense of direction from the start. This is important, for in the first half of the year at least, the main focus will be on the other side of the financial fence. Apart from a Full Moon in your income sector on 24th April there will be no more planetary activity in your income sector until Venus comes full circle on 23rd September, and the timing couldn’t be better. While there is plenty of momentum, a good sense of where the money is, and everything needed to keep income potential on track, this frees you to shift the focus back onto the other side of the financial fence.

What makes the timing significant is that it was on New Year’s Eve and just a day after Venus ended all planetary activity in your income sector that Jupiter turned direct in your financial sector. After four months in retrograde motion and due to leave on 26th May, Jupiter is coming out of hibernation just as we move into the New Year and into the final months of his biggest push for financial growth and expansion in over a decade. While in retrograde motion Jupiter has been both biding his time and retracing old ground, ready now to take the brakes off and to move money matters forward. This is the side of the financial fence where it is more about what you do with and how you manage the money you have and as 1st January is Jupiter’s first full day in direct motion, this is a chance to take your financial power back from the start.

Jupiter will be at a standstill for some time, but this gives you time to build and prepare for a final push to bring things home that will begin with the Sun’s return on 20th April, with Venus returning on 28th April and Mercury on 16th May. While the Sun will leave on 21st May and Venus on 24th May, with Jupiter leaving on 26th May they will be here in these final weeks to help bring things home. Mercury will stay on until 3rd June and Mars won’t return until 9th June and until leaving on 21st July, he will stay on to help you reap the benefits from Jupiter’s time here. Meanwhile, the most lucrative months of the year will begin with Venus, the planet of money’s return to your income sector on 23rd September and will run through to the Sun’s departure on 22nd November.

Libra Love Horoscope for 2024

Because the Sun will always return to your romantic sector in January and Venus and Mercury will always move through at around the same time, it is the early months of any year that are always going to be the most romantically charged. However, you are getting ready to enter a whole new realm, when, instead of planetary activity for just a few months all year, there is about to be year-round, wall-to-wall coverage. What I am talking about is Pluto, with the planet of change and transformation having briefly dipped into your romantic sector for the first time in 225 years last year. Pluto was here for less than three months, but this left a message that he was on his way to a much longer visit. Pluto will return with the Sun on 21st January and while he will once again retrograde back out, not until 2nd September.

This time, instead of waiting seven months to return, Pluto will be gone for just 11 weeks. Returning on 20th November and then not leaving until 2044, Pluto will be here, working to change things up for the next 20 years. Helping with the transition into this significant new chapter will be Venus, with the planet of love making two visits to your relationship sector this year, and both with perfect timing. Venus will move through from 17th February to 12th March, while Pluto is still in his early weeks, and with Mars here from 13th February to 23rd March, she will be part of a pack of planets working to get the year and the planet of change and transformation’s new reign off to a romantically charged start.

Things will be a lot quieter when Venus returns from 7th December 2024 to 3rd January 2025. Pluto will have been back for just 17 days when Venus returns, bringing the planets of love and change together just as he settles in for the next 20 years. Meanwhile, Venus will also be a pivotal player in the most active months of the year on the relationship front, which will run from Mercury’s return on 10th March to Mars’ departure just over three months later, on 9th June. Venus’ visit from 5th April to 28th April will not only put the planet of love here in the heart of things, but she will be here when a total solar eclipse on 9th February will bring the promise of major new beginnings.

Libra Career Horoscope for 2024

While it is business as usual on the job front his year, and there will be no planetary activity in your career sector until Venus and Mercury return on 17th June, there is every reason for confidence on both fronts. There is rarely any planetary activity on the job front until the Sun returns on the June solstice each year, but with Mars having made his first visit in two years in 2023, you have plenty of gas in your tank and enough insight to keep work and job matters on track by yourself. A Full Moon in your work sector at the end of December 2023 has also helped with that. Instead, this is a chance to put more focus on career matters, which doesn’t require getting down in the weeds as much as work and job matters do.

On the career front, it is about the path that you are on, the goals you are setting, and as the most competitively charged part of your chart, a time when you are able to channel your competitive spirit into making forward progress. Saturn has been in your career sector since March 2023 and Neptune since 2012, and while one is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and the other is the planet of dreams, together, they are giving you the resolve to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes in order to turn professional dreams into reality. However, as they are playing a long game, it is when the faster planets move through that there is going to be the most progress and things will become more active. This year, this begins with the Sun’s return on 19th February, but while he is only here for a month, Mercury is here from 23rd February to 10th March, Venus from 12th March to 5th April, and Mars from 23rd March to 1st May.

These will be the most active months of the year on the career front, and with Saturn and Neptune spending the majority of the second half of the year in retrograde motion, this is when they will take a backseat as things fire up on the job front in the middle months of the year. This will start with Venus and Mercury’s return to your work sector on 17th June, with heart and mind coming together to kick off the first planetary activity on the job front for the year. This will be a relatively short chapter with Mercury leaving on 3rd July, Venus on 12th July and the Sun here from 21st June to 22nd July. From Mercury and Venus’ return on 17th June to the Sun’s departure on 22nd July is a period of just five weeks. However, missing is Mars, who is with this faster pack when they move through your career sector earlier in the year. Instead, Mars will have his own chapter, where he has a chance to fire things up on the job front from 5th September to 4th November.

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