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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
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Chat Reading - 4/11/2021

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Love the chat we had

Phone Reading - 11/20/2023


She told me a she saw an argument for me and my guy middle of the week. Try and avoid it. I didn’t avoid it. It snuck right up on me. But, like she predicted, we loved on from it fairly quickly.

Phone Reading - 11/2/2023


Great job

Phone Reading - 10/22/2023


I had an amazing reading with Atisha. Talking to her was like talking to one of my girlfriends. She gave me some advice that I will use going forward with what we talked about. This was a really good reading. I will definitely call her again. Thank you Atisha

Phone Reading - 6/18/2023


Great reading & tuned in well. Gave me the sound advice I needed. Thank you and I appreciate you!

Phone Reading - 6/16/2023


I was blown away that she knew my situation without me saying a word about it. After she asked what I wanted to focus on she just asked mine and my husband’s. I was blown away of how accurate and detailed of that visions and what is she was picking up in my reading. She genuinely soothed my anxiety around the situation that her and I spoke about. I genuinely felt a calmness and me starting to heal while talking to her. She was so patient and kind with me. Made sure all of my answers were answered with her. I truly look foward about the predictions she made about my situation. I will definitely be contacting her to give her a follow up in the future.

Atisha replied...

Thank you for your feedback. It was a pleasure reading for you. Sending love and light to you and yours????

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Phone Reading - 6/14/2023


Having a trusted go to person is a thing of the past. Read my prior review, She told me timing doesn’t change. That was until timing had came & gone. Now timing changes & can’t be controlled as I knew all along.

Phone Reading - 5/14/2023


My husband has my number blocked. She told me to make a fake number to text him. I feel silly that I actually did this. This is insane, because he could easily unblock me or call me if he wanted to talk. And he still didn’t reply. I feel even worse!

Phone Reading - 5/10/2023


I can be difficult at times but you’ve remained professional I can’t thank you enough.

Phone Reading - 4/21/2023


Atisha was amazing! She asked one question and immediately picked up on my situation. She was very accurate and very easy to talk to. She is the real deal and I will only speak to her going forward!