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Phone Reading - 3/29/2021

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What a great reading with Christine, she is very supportive & infromative. I could talk to her all day. I really appreciate your down to earth "real" energy. Thanks for being you! I look forward tp predictions coming my way. Putting out good positive energy to get what I want, as far as work.

Phone Reading - 4/14/2021


Christine was amazing!! A lot of the connection you make through the phone can be hit or miss but this was a hit! With one sentence of information she told me everything I had been sensing and feeling and exactly how to go about it. She was totally in touch with my overwhelming feelings and expressed it so well with some really great advice. Will check back in! Definitely give her a try!

Chat Reading - 4/12/2021


Oh my goodness, she's exactly who I needed in my anxious head space! She's such a calming presence, and she'll tell you like it is! Expect the truth when you read with Christine! She's warm, thoughtful, funny, a leader and a teacher. Love reading with her!

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Phone Reading - 3/25/2021


Read several times over the month of March. Christine appeared to connect very well with my POI and myself. Each reading ended with a prediction that my POI was going to reach out with 99.9999%. Non of those happened. This past Thursday I received a nice DM in the AM indicating great vibrant energy was between my POI and me. One hour latter I did another reading and everything changed from my POI playing games with me to them being involved with another person and on the edge of intimacy. This is the first time that a reading took such a 180 degree change all in the middle of the day and within 1 hour of a great DM msg. I have given a 5 star to Christine before and that's when it felt like there was a strong connection within my reading, this low rating is now due to being completely confused in how things changed within 1 hour.

Phone Reading - 3/22/2021


I haven’t spoken with Christine in a while regarding this issue because she tends to get an idea in her head &go on & on about it. Once I finally interrupt & tell her the facts about the situation then she agrees with me. But she spends so much time telling me the contrary that I don’t know what to believe.

Christine replied...

Hello Kirby, Thank you for your honest feedback. I am surrounding you with pure love and light to aid you on your journey. Feel free to reach out, if I can help you again down the road. Thanks Christine

Phone Reading - 3/22/2021


This was the best reading I have had. You tuned in the situation immediately and when I spoke with you the second time you gave the same info. Thanks

Christine replied...

Thank you Tara, for the wonderful review. Keep your eyes on the 'prize', anything is possible. Christine

Phone Reading - 3/20/2021


I love Christine! She was very insightful and I felt a connection with what she was saying. She was very detailed and clarified everything specifically tailored to my style of understanding.

Christine replied...

Hello Devin. Thank you for the great review. It was a pleasure working with you. Keep shining bright. Christine

Phone Reading - 3/16/2021


Quick and insightful

Christine replied...

Thank you, Carol. I really appreciate your supportive review. Keep expecting the very best. And keep trusting your own inner wisdom. Christine

Phone Reading - 3/10/2021


great connection with my situation. Based on Christine's reading she made a 100% prediction with communication happening prior to 3/7/21. She said the energy felt really good. I have been in the same situation over the past few months. Christine and I spoke about that as well. My plan is to call her back with good news validating the prediction. She also followed up with me in DM on this site and clarified some details. I felt really good energy during and after the reading.

Christine replied...

Hello. It was lovely talking with you. Thank you for the kind review. Your energy is powerful good. Your desired connection is blossoming as you allow it to grow, on the universal time table- instead of your desired plan. Looking forward to our next conversation. Christine x4063

Chat Reading - 3/7/2021


Loved my reading. She picked up on my situation so quick. Such a kind soul! Will definitely be back

Christine replied...

Hi Angela. Thank you for your kind review. I loved chatting with you and supporting you where you were. Take Care. Can't wait to connect again, Christine x4063