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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
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Phone Reading - 7/24/2021

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She was awesome and very direct. Very on point

Phone Reading - 9/21/2023


Fantastic ??????

Phone Reading - 9/3/2023


Thank you. You are a gifted and really helpful psychic

Phone Reading - 8/27/2023


cookie THANK You. You are excellent and helped me greatly

Phone Reading - 7/11/2023


I enjoyed the reading and will be back for another in the near future. thanks

Phone Reading - 7/4/2023


Cookie was amazing I’m still at all on how she could tell me anything just by a phone

Phone Reading - 7/2/2023


Amazing lady she kept it real and she's very informative pick up on my situation really fast...

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Phone Reading - 7/1/2023


Honestly, I was skeptical about talking to a psychic, especially over the phone, and I had no idea what to expect. But I've been in so much pain over a recent, unexpected break-up and I needed some sense of relief or hope. I've done two readings with Cookie, and both times, she immediately knew specific, accurate information about my current situation -- things that would've been impossible for her to guess because the details are kind of unique. She gave me very honest answers to my questions. Some answers gave me a lot of comfort and have eased my anxieties. And some answers were things I didn't want to hear, but felt very true to who I am and who my ex is. I'm a sensitive person, and Cookie was really gentle and optimistic when giving me news that she knew I wouldn't like. During our first phone call, I was really emotional and upset, and she helped me stay calm. She even made me laugh, which was hard to do considering my mood! One of the predictions she made has already come true (just a few days after my first call). This break-up has made me feel so helpless, forgotten, and alone, but I don't feel like that anymore. I'm really grateful for her.

Phone Reading - 6/27/2023


She so sweet. And honest

Phone Reading - 5/27/2023


Cookie is excellent! She’s very warm. I like her gentle approach. Felt as though I was talking to my best friend. Definitely will call back