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Phone Reading - 1/14/2021

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She was awesome she let me speak and then she answered questions with details I am a very detail person so details matter to me give her a call I promise you she won’t let you down Jessica I will let you know how the weight-loss surgery goes.

Phone Reading - 11/21/2020


She is very good reader and you don't have to ask a bunch of questions

Phone Reading - 11/21/2020


Good reading

Phone Reading - 11/19/2020


She is absolutely amazing. Helped me find the information I needed to make some tough decisions. So understanding and effortless to talk to.

Phone Reading - 11/5/2020


She was by far my favorite psychic. She was enthusiastic and she was confident in her time line and reading. She was honest and to the point. Very friendly. Will definitely be reading with her again.

Phone Reading - 10/26/2020


Excellent. Very accurate, on point, honest. Amazing how very accurate she was on a lot of details only I knows and she enlightened me with her insights, motivated me to take a better path. Thank you Jessica you are a gift.

Phone Reading - 10/18/2020


so many details . She actually brought up something I had been told by another reader from a different site. I would call her again.

Phone Reading - 10/5/2020


Not sure as to where to start. I felt this advisor to be Non-Judgmental, Very understanding, and most of all very accurate. I say this because I was fortunate to have several readings prior to reaching out to this advisor and "Yes she confirmed what all of the others said but with a bit more detail. Jessica was quite efficient and answered all questions swiftly. I would highly recommend anyone who really needs to know the truth about a relationship or just in general. I promise you will not be sorry that you reached out to her, Jessica really made me feel at ease and I felt that i could discuss any of my issues with her. I thank you and will call again!

Phone Reading - 9/11/2020


She is quick and gives it to you straight!

Phone Reading - 7/22/2020


Her talent in revealing true motivations of others helps so much with clarity in a situation, she is good at it, and quick as well. 5 stars.