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Phone Reading - 4/6/2021

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Fast, tells it like it is, and gives good advice

Phone Reading - 4/5/2021


One of the few legitimate psychics on this site. 10/10 would recommend. She listens and is concise. Does not waste your minutes and gives you details.

Joy replied...

Wonderful review thank you angel!!!!! Many blessings, here for you when you need! Love n Light<3

Phone Reading - 3/23/2021


Was usually my go to At least she is quick though. Meaning you need to have your questiond ready cause she will rush you off the phone. Plus some things haven't been that accurate. But if you have a quick general question that doesn't have such a heavy outlook... she's still good.

Joy replied...

Loren there was not a connection so do read with another advisor for future readings, thank you.

Phone Reading - 2/23/2021


She didn't answer anything. Her answers were extremely vague. When I asked her about my love life and if I will meet someone soon she said that in May I will meet a tall blond woman named Georgina or Gloria. The problem with this is that I am a gay male. ????

Joy replied...

Sorry you weren’t happy with the reading sometimes a caller and psychic don’t connect, hopefully you found another you did connect with. Note : I did answer many questions in regards to you feeling lost and what to do to help yourself, also directing you to our tea time section for articles, meditations, chakra work etc...... Pets that past on which I did explain the animals are unconditional love that you will see them again. You will find love this summer as I shared with you, many blessings, love n light-Joy

Phone Reading - 2/18/2021


...she was very intuned to me and was spot on with her thoughts. She gets right to the reading and is very thorough. Of course I hope that what she sees is what happens, but some of what she touched on she could never have known. Very accurate in her readings of what has happened in my life, I'm looking forward to the future! I l would definitely connect to her again.

Joy replied...

I so enjoyed reading for you thank you for this opportunity look forward to helping you in the future, know I’m just a call away! Blessings<3

Phone Reading - 12/23/2020


Kind, concise and provided me with an excellent reading

Phone Reading - 12/8/2020



Phone Reading - 11/21/2020


Love her she gave great advice if I could give her more stars I would she was straight forward and open and straight to it

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Phone Reading - 11/2/2020


She kept saying "what else do you want to know" and when she answered my question, she would call me "hon" or "sweetie" in a very condescending way. Unless you have a true fondness for someone, you should not use such endearments. When you use those words on strangers, it is inappropriate.

Phone Reading - 10/28/2020


Very good reading. Kind and spiritual. Highly recommend