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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
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Phone Reading - 6/16/2021

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Spot on and very straight foward i felt like she was in my head the entire time telling me everything i knew and everything i needed to know

Phone Reading - 2/18/2024


great reading as usual

Phone Reading - 2/7/2024


Always on point, look forward to talking again.

Phone Reading - 1/13/2024


Raelyn, my goodness this was a reading that was extremely transparent and super helpful. She not only confirmed what my intuition was showing me but she also gave me insight on how to nurture it. It was like a big sister type of energy somethings I wasn’t quite ready to hear down to things that were over due to hear! I’m grateful for her genuinely! I can still hear her saying yeah you have to do what’s best for you! I will be returning with an update.

Phone Reading - 11/8/2023


I am sure she had the best intentions but I came out even more confused. She just said the way I felt was validated but could not say what it was or help me with my future. I feel a bit disappointed : ( Blessings to all who read this.

Phone Reading - 11/1/2023


I had a reading with this lady today and I am so pleased. She didn’t tell me what I wanted and expected to hear but she gave it to me raw and uncut but with so much compassion. She was able to tune in to things I hadn’t mentioned to her. It was truly like talking to a girlfriend. I will be calling her back just to keep her updated as things unfold

Phone Reading - 10/26/2023


Raelyn is the best. She gave me answers to questions before I even asked. She's highly intuitive and accurate.

Chat Reading - 9/23/2023


Raelyn is awesome. She gave me clarity on my person. She was spot on to a tee. If you are lost and want clarity on matters of the heart, She is the one to go to. I will be speaking to her again in 4 to 6 months as that is as far out as her readings go.

Phone Reading - 9/10/2023


Raelyn was very quick, clear and direct. She seemed to have an accurate sense of my POI's energy and our current situation. The call ended before I could say thank you for the reading! I appreciate your advice.

Chat Reading - 8/12/2023


very accurate, connected, direct, real, and kind.