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Phone Reading - 6/16/2021

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Spot on and very straight foward i felt like she was in my head the entire time telling me everything i knew and everything i needed to know

Phone Reading - 12/2/2022


She nailed the situation exactly, with specific details and gave amazing insights that helped enormously. She is truly gifted.

Chat Reading - 11/19/2022


Raelyn gives great information as always however her delivery tonight was rude. I’m giving stars because she is still good with information she said I’m paying her for a service … hopefully my next encounter her delivery will be better she’s normally nice maybe it was just tonight idk.

Phone Reading - 11/7/2022


Raelyn is attentive and very informative about her reading. She tells you what is the cause. She explains everything to you.

Raelyn replied...

I appreciate you it's a pleasure working with you on your life Journey thank you so much for the lovely energy exchange my dear.

Phone Reading - 10/27/2022


She was great! She had great energy and was spot on. She gave me insight and closure! Definitely recommend!

Chat Reading - 10/6/2022


Not enough stars for this lady! She was AWESOME. Everything she said about my poi was correct to the tee. She brought lots of clarity to my situation. Connect with her and she will definitely tell you what you need to know in a very subtle way. I WILL DEFINITELY CALL HER AGAIN FOR SURE!!!

Phone Reading - 9/30/2022


I like her. It was my first time calling and first time doing chat last week. Very articulate and accurate. She was very considerate of my time and I really appreciate that. Thank you.

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Phone Reading - 9/22/2022


Update from my first few readings. She was acccurare with predictions. In March she told me I would get a new job in October. I did! She told me I would be taking or needing to get certification for job.. the next week I had the chance to sign up . She asked was I wearing gold for my bday and my hair and dress were both Gold. She definitely connected with me each time. Thank you so much for your insight Rae

Phone Reading - 9/4/2022


First time taking to Raelyn, very informative reading, last sentence she said “”” is cheaper to keep her””” I hear this before! Thank you !

Phone Reading - 7/25/2022


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! She is my go-to. Truly honest and she read to the T, of my situations. Wish I had enough $ to continue. Thanks, Raelyn for the scoop. I know the paths to take on both issues. Much love and light.