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Phone Reading - 2/14/2021

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Robert is great, he told me the things I needed to hear and he was on point, I will be calling him again.

Phone Reading - 10/24/2021


First time talking to Robert and he is awesome!! Thank you so much! I’m going to be honest here, I've been calling this past few weeks like crazy, trying to find the answer yes or no, if so when? Robert’s outcome is very similar to my to go advisor. What I like about Robert is the way he gives you the message, he speaks plain English! He does not use fancy words where it only leaves me scared or not hopeful for the future. He tells you what he sees and how he sees it! I will definitely call him back!

ER Nurse1020
Chat Reading - 9/25/2021


Helpful updates on POI. Always feel connected with Robert and get helpful details to figure out next steps. One of the best here!

Phone Reading - 5/9/2021


I felt a strong connection to Robert. Robert hit on some points i know he didnt know about. I must definitely will be reaching out when i have more money. I wish i could add more stars.

Phone Reading - 4/29/2021


He was awesome!

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Phone Reading - 1/1/2021


Loved talking with him. Was on point and I believe his reading is exactly as he said (had verification of his reading by an event).

Phone Reading - 8/30/2020


No connection . We were going in circles and he would change information . I had to keep asking him to clarify as he kept going back and forth with different details

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Phone Reading - 7/30/2020


Robert is amazing, funny but get serious when it comes to the reading. Thank you

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Phone Reading - 7/24/2020


He was Fabulous, it was my first time speaking with him and he told me exactly what was going right on point without me saying anything about things in my life, THANKS AND I WILL CALL YOU AGAIN, Robert will be my new advisor.