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Phone Reading - 8/6/2021

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Terri set my mind at ease. I had an urgent matter I needed help with in regards to a group of false friends. She is extremely insightful, compassionate, wise, caring, warm and honest. I'm greatful she didn't waste my time. I will be calling again. What a beautiful soul.

Chat Reading - 11/13/2021


Terri is an EXTREMELY beautiful soul... I can't wait to speak with her again....connected right away.

Chat Reading - 10/23/2021



Phone Reading - 10/16/2021


She was amazing. Thank you for talking to me just now. I feel much more at ease.

Chat Reading - 10/13/2021


I called Terri for a reading several months ago to have a reading done. She shared some great insight in a few areas of my life I needed clarity. She also shared I would win money twice. On 911 I won a jackpot at a casino. That was the first win. I looking forward to seeing how I win the second time. Since Terri has been accurate with predictions and insight I called her again recently. I love that Terri is able to share details of future and past events. I also like that she will be honest and share when she is not sure of timeframe concerning a specific area but saw it happening. I really appreciate that in a psychic. She also has a beautiful energy that comes through her readings. I will continue to call Terri for my readings.

Phone Reading - 10/8/2021


Extremely nice and very sincere. Made me realize I need to correct my issues to insure fruition.

Chat Reading - 9/14/2021


This was not my first reading with Terri and will not be my last. She told me things I didn't expect to hear, good things though, and gave me hope. She was specific on very much on target. Looking forward to talking with Terri again.

Phone Reading - 9/12/2021


Very empathetic and kind. She provided me with insight into my life

Phone Reading - 7/27/2021


very general answers, didn't really get anything much from this reading. Just not a connection, I guess.

Chat Reading - 7/25/2021


Terri was spot on about everything. She even answered some questions as I was typing them. She was very kind and compassionate and seemed to really care and knew what she was talking about. I will definitely use Terri again in the future. She’s the best I’ve had so far!