Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

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Professional, Accurate Astrology Readings Online from PathForward

Attention zodiac lovers! We got news for you: your sun sign only tells part of your story. And as much as we love our daily horoscope emails and apps, your zodiac prediction is just a mere snapshot of your astrological identity – how mysterious! Astrology goes way, way deeper…

Ancient astrology is the study of the planetary alignments (including the sun and moon) and how those energies influence your life – love, work, relationships, etcetera. In other words, astrology is about you. By calculating your birth chart and determining your planetary signs, professional astrology readings with an astrological Psychic can open the door to self-discovery. Learn more about your individuality and discover hidden truths and opportunities for growth. An online astrologer can connect the dots stars and guide your past, current, and future paths forward.

DOB + TIME + PLACE = Your Astro Birth Chart

They say a roadmap to life doesn’t exist, but the stars beg to differ. Our astrological Psychics can determine your rising sign and moon sign based on the positions of the planets at the exact moment you were born. Your birth chart is like a blueprint revealing the inner makings of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, karma, and life patterns. This cosmic tool is especially handy when planets are making moves, aka in transit. An accurate astrology reading can determine how the energy shifts will affect your life and opportunities along the way – when communications and electronics go haywire we’ll be ready for you Mercury Retrograde!

Find Purpose

Choose a career you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life = GOALS. Feeling lost and unfulfilled professionally? An accurate astrology reading online with a trained astrologer can reveal insight into your life’s patterns, desires, and professional motivations. This knowledge will help your intuitive Psychic guide your path towards a more purposeful life, career, and everything in-between.

Opportunity Forecasting

Using your birth chart and the current positions of the planets, your astrological Psychic can forecast opportunities for growth in real-time. Questions about love and compatibility? Interested in family matters or relationships? Based on your desires and goals, our Astrologists can answer your questions and guide your onward path towards life-changing opportunities.

Zodiac Psychic Readings

Did you have an AHA! moment this morning reading your daily horoscope? Get quick insight on your horoscope prediction with a zodiac psychic reading. Our intuitive astrological Psychics can look at the current position of the planets and how that energy will impact your sign. BONUS: got big plans today and need a confidence boost? Get psychic advice on which one of your strengths to harness to power through your day.

Fine Tune Your Psychic Astrology Reading

Many of our gifted Psychics use the tool of astrology to answer your life questions. Want to know how compatible you are with your partner? Get a psychic love reading and learn how the stars affect your relationship. Need a little TLC? An online tarot card reading can focus on your inner-being and help you improve your self-love and care. Do you feel like you’ve made a wrong turn? A clairvoyant reading can look at your current path and re-direct your steps towards positive outcomes.

Ready to get started? Reach for the stars and make your astrological connection to your Psychic by phone or chat.

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To experience the most accurate astrology reading, your Psychic will need a little info to calculate your birth chart - DOB, time, and location of birth.