Beginner Full Moon Rituals To Inspire Personal Growth
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Beginner Full Moon Rituals To Inspire Personal Growth

February 21, 2024 by Pathforward
The full moon offers the perfect chance for trying rituals to inspire growth.
The full moon offers the perfect chance for trying rituals to inspire growth.

The full moon carries immense joy and gratitude with it as it illuminates the night sky. That makes the time of the full moon an ideal period for relaxing, reconnecting with your intuition, and intentionally releasing negativity that's been holding you back. Even if you are a spiritual beginner, full moon rituals are a great way to tap into powerful energy for personal growth.

The Power of the Full Moon

The full moon packs plenty of spiritual power. A sign of recharging, the full moon can bring you to a stronger body and mind. In fact, full moons are thought of as a celebratory time in many cultures. The wonderful thing about full moons is that we get a chance to work with its energy once a month (twice if it’s a blue moon). A quick google search will let you know when the next one is.

Once you know when the next full moon will happen, you'll want to think about things you want to release that may be blocking you as well as goals you want to achieve. Although each full moon has its own distinct energy depending on the time of year and the sign it’s in, you don’t need to be an astrology expert to do empowering full moon rituals. But if you’d like to level up your personal growth moon ceremonies, speaking with an spiritual advisor can help you identify what to energy would be ideal to harness, what to let go, and how you can create new rituals for growth.

Release Losses and Negativity to the Moon

The full moon provides a time for you to release negativity and move on from losses you experienced in the past month. Maybe it's a silly fight with bae that's still weighing on you, or a job you really, really wanted but didn't get in the end.

When the full moon shines bright, light a candle and jot down a list of all the things you want to let go of and send off into the universe. The simple act of writing frees these thoughts from your mind. Then, you can either shred or rip the paper into little pieces to send that negativity away from you.

Wash Away Negativity

If you'd rather not make a mess, you can also create a moon ritual to wash away any negativity holding you back. Start by doing something that makes you feel confident and comfortable, like playing soothing music or doing yoga.

Then, take a bath. Just imagine washing the negativity off your body and know that it’s gone once it all goes down the drain. This full moon ritual is an energizing and refreshing way to let go of what's no longer serving you so that you can find inner peace for personal growth.

Release Your Dreams for the Moon To Absorb

The full moon isn't only about releasing negativity, though. You can also use the full moon as a vessel to bring your dreams into reality.

Say a prayer to the full moon asking to give your dreams power. Start by lighting a white candle for purity and protection, close your eyes and spend a few moments vividly picturing your dreams, plans, and goals. Envision the full moon pulling up your ideas, absorbing their energy, and the moonlight illuminating your dreams back towards earth where you can act on them.

These three practices are a great way to start working with full moon energy for spiritual self-care. As soon as you get comfortable with these, you can try harnessing moon energy for personal development in different ways, like meditation or working with crystals. A spiritual reading from an expert Psychic at PathForward can also help you create full moon rituals to support your goals.

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