Releasing Toxicity and Embracing Growth
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Releasing Toxicity and Embracing Growth

April 30, 2021 by Psychic Lyra x4173
You DO NOT need to hang around people or situations that don't help you grow!
You DO NOT need to hang around people or situations that don't help you grow!

As we start a new month packed with Full Moon energy, we are called to release toxicity in our lives.

The start of a new month denotes a time to "get in the swing of things" and start fresh. Most of the time, when we are overwhelmed or too entrenched in our day-to-day lives, we simply lose track of the days. But when we are consciously aware, we realize more how each day is a chance to start again. 

In this life, toxicity surfaces in many different ways. Unfortunately, our only time to be completely free of toxicity is when we first enter the world as an angelic baby. As we grow, toxicity surrounds us. Over time the effects of it change us inwardly and eventually comes to the surface. In my opinion, some of the most harmful toxins that we can be affected by are those released by other humans. 

On this journey, we encounter and cross paths with many different types of people. We are all vibrating at a different level of consciousness, and since we are all beings of energy, certain people attract, detract, and attach in our energetic field. When things are properly aligned, a harmonious attraction occurs, and the energy is balanced. Other times, there is static/noise, and this creates confusion and disharmony between people. This is where the toxicity begins! If at all possible, just keep your distance when you feel this occurring.

Most of the time, we have a choice in who we choose to associate with, but in some cases, we are obligated to share space with those we'd rather not. In this case, we need to learn how to transmute the energy so that the negativity does not affect us. It's definitely easier said than done, but many of us Psychic Advisors can guide you through this.

When there is an attachment, there can be an energetic imbalance if one person's energy is being overpowered by the other's - this is a toxic situation. These types of situations are much more challenging to break free from because they often involve an underlying dependency issue. Usually, this requires some sort of cord-cutting or releasing ritual to sever ties - and again, the Psychics at PathForward are here to help.

One of the hardest yet most rewarding things to do for personal growth is to take a hard look at yourself. And one of the best ways to start this process is through journaling and making lists. Write about everything and anything that has affected you emotionally! As we bring our thoughts out and ground them to paper, we take the first steps in healing and manifesting a better us. Other tips include speaking or writing daily positive affirmations and mantras to help you raise your vibrations and regain clarity. Energy healing, reiki, or chakra balancing can all also help align and physically release stress on our bodies.

Take care of yourself, and remember you are not alone - we all have different paths but the same struggles. And if you ever find yourself struggling to find YOUR path, myself and the rest of the Psychics at PathForward are here for you, day or night. 


Psychic Lyra x4173
“A different perspective opens the door to new opportunities. Need guidance? Let me guide your path on this topic and more!.” - Psychic Lyra x4173
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