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How Aquarius Are You?

May 02, 2023 by PathForward
Your original ideas and eccentric style sense mean you're high up on the Aquarius scale.
Your original ideas and eccentric style sense mean you're high up on the Aquarius scale.

Aquarius, the eleventh zodiac sign, comes with a range of typical traits. People born under this sign are known as progressive, idealistic thinkers. Aquarians are independent and intelligent, unique to the point of eccentricity. The Water Bearer symbol represents Aquarius, symbolizing how the sign gives life to the world. But Aquarius isn't a water sign — it's actually an air elemental sign.

Just like their element, Aquarians don't come in one clear shape. Aquarians tend to defy categorization, so you might wonder if you're REALLY an Aquarius even if your birthday means you have this star sign. (Not sure how your birth date translates? An intuitive Psychic Astrologer can help you out with that.) Some Aquarians come off as energetic and exuberant, while others seem gentle and quiet as they go through life. At heart, though, even these seemingly polar opposite people actually share many inner qualities if they're Aquarians.

Am I Aquarius? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

Never fear, potential Aquarians. We've put together this quiz to help you figure out where you fall on the scale of Aquarius personality.

Here's how it works: Rank yourself on the following common Aquarius personality traits, with a 0 being "not at all me" and a 5 "um, totally me." Once you get to the end, add up your scores for the six traits. Your total score will help you answer the question, "am I Aquarius?"

So, how Aquarius are you? Let's find out.


Inventive, innately curious, and always up for an adventure, folks under the Aquarius sign want to explore the world while creating new things. These people are famous for being innovators. Aquarians are not afraid to think outside the box and take pride in identifying ways to improve society. Their original approach often takes the shape of a super creative mind. Many Aquarians are incredibly artistic and dedicated to their craft and have an inner pull to express themselves creatively through writing, painting, and other artistic endeavors.

Score yourself: 0 not at all creative to 5 - creative to the max.


Aquarians are open-minded, confident, and independent, so they only need themselves when the going gets tough. You can't tell an Aquarian what to do or how to think. Aquarians can survive anything based on their own abilities. Those with this zodiac sign are self-assured and committed to what they believe in, so although they're perfectly fine listening to others, they don't waver. Sometimes their penchant for self-reliance makes Aquarians come off as aloof or cold to those who don't know them well. They tend to overanalyze things and detach emotionally, which can inadvertently distance the people around them.

Score yourself: 0 - totally dependent on others to 5 - I'll survive even the zombie apocalypse by myself.


Driven to help others, Aquarians are undoubtedly the humanitarians of the zodiac. The Aquarius type of ambitious vision applies to an Aquarian's future and the future of society. They're progressive and always strive to enact positive change. Sure, Aquarians can get dogmatic, but they're willing to do whatever it takes to make the world a better place. Aquarians, take guidance from their strong sense of compassion and justice. Sometimes, an Aquarian's intense idealism causes them trouble when they want everything to be perfect, leading to frustration when they or the world around them doesn't quite live up to their impossible standards.

Score yourself: 0 - not an idealist to 5 - I'm going to change the world.


Aquarians certainly don't mind being alone — they're uber-self-reliant, after all. So, their social nature might seem like a contradiction at first glance. Aquarians aren't loners and tend to have a wide circle of very diverse friends. Aquarians can get along with just about anyone they meet! While an Aquarian might come off as detached, it's just because they're objective (and not great at expressing emotions). It doesn't mean they don't care, only that they need people to spend time getting to know them to open up.

Score yourself: 0 - I prefer being by myself at all times to 5 - I'm a social butterfly.


Your quintessential Aquarian is one of the most original, unique people you'll ever encounter. Aquarians are proud to be themselves. Those born under this sign embrace originality and find the ordinary boring. That lends itself to the eccentric or quirky label, but Aquarians are usually more than willing to use the label for themselves. You'll recognize Aquarians thanks to their original fashion sense and nonconformist attitude overall. Life is never dull when you have an eccentric Aquarian around.

Score yourself: 0 - keep things boring and predictable to 5 - quirky is my middle name.


Aquarians are assertive, which often translates to being downright stubborn. Aquarians stand up for what's right. They're not afraid to speak their mind, regardless of what others think. You might describe this trait as determination ... or you might call your fave Aquarian obstinate. Aquarians can get so set in their ways and ideas that they're unyielding. The Aquarian tendency toward deep thinking can convince these folks that they're always right, which can sometimes come off as condescending or simply incredibly stubborn.

Score yourself: 0 - no need to argue, I'll do what you want to 5 - strong-willed doesn't even begin to describe me.

What Type of Aquarius Am I?

Time to tally! Add all of your above scores to find out how much of an Aquarius you are. Take a look at your total score:

  • Low score (0-5): Not very Aquarius.
  • Mid score (10-20): Adequately Aquarius.
  • High score (25-30): Card-carrying Water Bearer.

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