Ex-Lover Haunting Your Life? Time for an Ex-orcism!
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Ex-Lover Haunting Your Life? Time for an Ex-orcism!

October 05, 2020
You might need to block your clingy ex's number if they just won't stop texting you.

If you have a clingy ex who just won't leave you alone, it's time to break ties and move on. Of course, that falls firmly in the camp of "easier said than done." Here are some tips that will help you get away from that ex who won't go away.

Just Be Blunt

Looking to leave that ex who's sticking around? You just need to be blunt. We get it: Breakups suck, and you don't want to hurt an ex-lover more by things you say. Unfortunately, staying kind can be misinterpreted as, "Oh they still have feelings for me!" You're not helping your ex in the end if you're not being clear about how you feel. They — and you — will only be able to move on once you make a clean break.

Keep Your Distance

Keeping your distance from an ex will ultimately help them move on. That's tough if you have lots of common friends, and you'll need to cut down on hanging out with them. The reason is twofold: You'll decrease the chances of running into your ex, and your ex won't know what you're up to if they can't coax that info out of your mutual friends. The less they see you and hear about you, the faster they can get over their obsession.

And if reading that has you thinking but I'm missing my ex ... it's even more important that you reduce any chance that you're going to accidentally-on-purpose see each other. Here at PathForward, we can provide a listening ear when you need to talk things over. You know — with someone who's not besties with both you and your ex.

Block and Delete as Needed

If that old lover keeps texting ... and texting ... and blowing up your socials ... and texting, even after you tell them you aren't ready to talk, you're not being rude if you delete those emails and block their number. You're just protecting your boundaries. You can warn them before blocking so they know this is hard for you too, but then really go through with the block. This will signal that speaking really isn't the best thing they can do for you right now.

Get Help If You Need It

Stalker vibes? If they're not respecting your boundaries, then it may be time to seek out extra help. Contact a close friend or family member and fill them in on your situation. And if you're seeking an objective opinion, contact a Psychic for actionable steps to move forward.

Breakups hurt even in the best of circumstances, and when your ex keeps hanging around, it makes things even harder. If you need some relationship advice, call us at PathForward to receive a love Psychic reading. You'll get insight into the next steps you can take to extricate yourself from a clingy (or worse) ex. Your safety and happiness should be your top priority, so don't be shy when it's time to stand up for yourself.


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