Find Your Next Relationship by Reprograming Your Love Compass in 2021

Find Your Next Relationship by Reprograming Your Love Compass in 2021

December 28, 2020 by Samantha
Find your way to a lasting relationship with a properly calibrated Love Compass.
Find your way to a lasting relationship with a properly calibrated Love Compass.

WOAH, can you believe 2021 is finally upon us? TG! 

Next question; can you guess what one of the most common 2021 New Years' resolutions is? Let me give you a hint: it's a super complicated four-letter word – no, not DIET, but close!

It's LOVE.

Finding, maintaining, and moving forward in our love life is important for us single millennials looking to settle down. And if you've had a rough go at love this past year and have goals to meet the right person, I've got a great perspective to help direct you towards a thriving, non-toxic relationship. Finding the right kind of relationship starts with you and your ability to navigate your love compass in the right direction. WTH is a love compass? Allow me to explain.  

Your Love Compass is like an intuitive GPS that attracts you to people. For example, your love compass may be directing you towards the same kind of guy repeatedly, such as the bad boy or the Instagram model. If you've found yourself dating the same type of person over and over again and the ending is all too familiar, it's time to reprogram your love compass and take a new path forward. Here's how:  

Your "Picker" is off   

Are you picking the wrong people?Take a sec to reflect on past relationships, flings, and love interests (cringe!). What did they all have in common, and what kind of patterns do you see? While relationship failures do hurt, they also make great life lessons. Experiences allow us to define what we do and DO NOT want in a partner. If you find yourself making the same choices when it comes to who you invite into your heart, your "picker" is probably off. Setting non-negotiables and picking a different "type" is honoring your self-respect and avoiding people who do not serve you like the queen you are!  

Know your worth, then add tax 

Self-worth is not selfish. Self-neglect is. Knowing your worth, believing in what you deserve, and not going below your set of standards empowers you to make the right decisions in all areas of life, especially heart matters. Stop dating people who are below you. No need to sugarcoat it. Tolerating men (or women) who do not appreciate, support, or make you a better person gotta go! Put yourself first, listen to your intuition, and swerve on those who do not fit your needs. 

Wants vs. needs  

Wants vs. needs are two totally different things. Yeah, I'd like a tall guy with brown eyes, dark hair, and mocha skin – hello Omari Hardwick! But let's be real. What's really important is the energetic soul connection and intellect we share with our partner. Looks and material things only go so far. I used to date for looks or assumed that the "hot guy" was a better fit for me than the Star Wars nerd (I love Star Wars, BTW!). But girl, I've grown and been with enough men to know better. Looks are nice, but I'd choose the guy who can make me laugh and balance out my personality over the stud any damn day. It's time to start distinguishing between your wants and needs. If it's helpful, grab your journal and jot them down. I assure you that your love compass will steer you in a better direction - but it's up to you to follow and trust it!  

Final thoughts 

So, what are your thoughts? I hope this info was helpful and that 2021 is YOUR year for finding and keeping love. You have the power to make the right decisions about who you let into your life. Follow your intuition and use that handy love compass as you move forward in your love life. And don't forget to contact a Love and Relationship Psychic for even more advice and insight.  

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Your PathForward Blogger Samantha
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