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Get Over Him the "Psychic Way"

December 11, 2020 by Psychic Aelin x4179
Move on with the help of Psychic Guidance!
Move on with the help of Psychic Guidance!

Your heart's broken, your life's a hot mess, and every second you're not thinking about work, you're thinking about him. To get over him, you're going to need more intuitive advice than what your mama told you. Love isn't a science, it's not something you can break down into seven easy steps or follow a recipe for. What you need is guidance that comes from the spirit. Heartbreak is part of life, but when getting over him is consuming too much of your time, refer to these helpful tips to move you forward: 

Tip 1: There's a Reason You're NOT Over Him 

This might seem contradictory, but if you really want to get over him, you need to recognize that there's a reason WHY you aren't over him yet. Maybe you're meant to be together, and your spirit won't let him go, maybe there was some deeper lesson you were meant to learn from him, hell, perhaps he still has your headphones, and your brain is forcing you to stick around until you get those back. No matter what the reason is, you have to accept that something is holding you back. If you want to skip all the soul-searching and meditation, reach out to one of our Psychics now for a quick answer. Once you accept that there's a reason you're still stuck on him, it'll be easier to move on. 

Tip 2: Accept and Love Yourself 

It takes two to tango, and sometimes breaking up, or parting of ways is not entirely one-sided. Could you have played a part in the separation? Take a moment of self-reflection and the perspective from both sides. Was there cheating involved? A disastrous mistake? Or maybe just a whole lot of messy communication and arguing. Regardless, you need to love and accept yourself anyway. If you're still stuck on him, there's a decent chance it's because you're afraid to move on and have the same thing happen again. By loving and accepting yourself despite the faults made along the way, you'll recognize that you're a treasure that deserves to be shared. 

Tip 3: Give Yourself More Time 

Look, what you went through was traumatic. You wouldn't tell someone who recently lost a loved one or had bad news at a doctor's appointment to just "quickly get over it," right? Probably not! So why the hell are you doing it to yourself? Be kind to yourself. If you're looking for help getting over him, it's because he was important to you. The loss of a relationship can be very painful, and you need to give yourself enough time to process that pain. Nobody expects you to be perfect at everything! You're the only one putting pressure on yourself to move on quickly. So, relax a little, it'll take time, but you'll get through this. 

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Psychic Aelin x4179
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marefie: "Accept and love yourself" - that's the best piece of advice!

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