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I've Been Left on Read! Now What?

May 30, 2023 by Samantha
Ughhh... getting left on read is the WORST! Learn more about the meaning of being left on read.
Ughhh... getting left on read is the WORST! Learn more about the meaning of being left on read.

Um, rude! Being left on read is literally the worst, especially when you thought things were going well. Not sure what I mean? Allow me to explain. Getting left on read is when you send a text, and the read receipt shows that your message was read, but the recipient doesn't bother to respond, leaving you feeling confused af. So, what do you do? Should you continue to reach out? Or move on? A relationship Psychic can look deeper into your situation, but in the meantime, here's my take on it:


Being Left on Read When You're Dating 

You just had your first date, and it went great, or so you thought. You reach out the next day to say hey, but you got no response. WTF! Your first thought may be that they're busy. But a few hours go by, and still nothing. So, what now? If your date was just so, and you wouldn't be disappointed if you didn't talk or see this person again, I suggest letting it go. But, if you're really feeling this person, there's no harm in putting yourself out there. Maybe they're truly busy or somehow missed the text message – it happens. Give it a little bit of time, play it cool, and send a follow-up text. But if you get left on read again, move on, sis! Don't waste your time. This person is making it very clear that they're not interested. And continuing to send them text messages will make you feel worse.  You deserve someone who would move mountains to talk to you. So hit delete, lose their number, and move on to the next! It's their loss anyway.


Getting Left on Read During an Argument 

You and your boo are fighting over text – which btw is super unproductive, but let's save that topic for another day. You're going back and forth texting things you don't really mean out of anger, and BOOM, they stop responding. Now you're being left on read in your own relationship. Yikes! Just slow down. This isn't texting battle royale. Before you hit send, take a sec. This left on read meaning is a sign that it's time to cool off. Take some time to consider their POV, your true feelings, and what needs to be discussed constructively to move forward. Text fighting is a sure way to miscommunicate your truth, so pick up the phone and communicate the old-school way by calling your loved one. Sometimes, you say it best when you say nothing at all.


The Conversation Was Over

Or is it possible that your text was kinda vague, and the conversation is just over? Before you overanalyze why you're being left on read, is it possible that they just don't have a response or feel like you ended the conversation? Yay, another text miscommunication, not! If you're trying to make plans, but your text read a bit uncertain, like "let's chill sometime soon," don't sweat it. Be more direct and send a follow-up text such as "when are you free this week to hang out?" And then take a big exhale once you see the response bubbles pop up . . . Some people are just not good texters or read things the wrong way. It's a total vibe kill when you're trying to be cute, and your boo doesn't pick up on it.


The Repeat Offender 

Ok, so you were left on read, and then randomly, they message you days or weeks later. So annoying. A repeat offender is someone who reaches out when it's convenient for them. They either want something from you or don't consider you a priority. This person may not always be a love interest. It could be a friend or an acquaintance. Either way, it's toxic. And while being blown off from a repeat offender is super frustrating, the good news is, you don't gotta put up with it! Your time and energy are important, so stop giving life to someone who doesn't value it. If getting left on read is a pattern, call them out or just stop answering. And if you want to be petty, next time they message you, leave them on read - ha! 


Get Insight into Your Relationship

Communication blackouts are no fun in a a relationship. It's confusing and leaves you wondering if you did or said something wrong. Rest assured, it's not you. It's them. Instead of over-analyzing your messages, you can get answers from an intuitive Psychic. A Psychic can help you understand their true motive and perspective to make an informed decision if this person is worth your time. Whenever I have questions about a text situation, I like to send my Psychic a DM because it's quick and doesn't require a full reading. Hopefully this read was helpful.

And don’t forget your worth! You deserve rapid fire love and heart emojis – xoxo.


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Your PathForward Blogger Samantha
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