Why Can't I Let Go or Move On?
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Why Can't I Let Go or Move On?

July 28, 2021 by Psychic Yasmin x4202
Letting go and moving on can be more difficult that many people realize...
Letting go and moving on can be more difficult that many people realize...

Sometimes in life, we create romantic connections that we just do not seem to have the ability to let go of, no matter how hard we try. Years may pass but the love, the memories, the feelings… they are so real and present that it feels like yesterday. This person may visit our dreams, and make us feel their presence so strongly at times that it’s as if fate is leading us back to them. But what we often do not see is the energetic reminder that we still need to heal from the pain, trauma, or disconnection we may have experienced in connection with this person.

Often, this inability to heal and move on has roots deep in our soul and is a mirroring of the very energy we send out. Our childhood largely determines our beliefs, our values, and most of our truths. And as such, the way our mother and father loved us as children is largely reflected in our adult relationships. Have you found yourself dating partners who are distant, cold, and aloof at times? Most probably they were loved in this way as children and for this person it is normal. It is said that opposites attract - and it is known that we all feel the need for love, warmth, and appreciation - but when your way of loving stands in opposition to your partner’s, the relationship feels out of balance. We sometimes expect others to change, to adapt to our way of loving, but the reality is that this is who they are and changing can only happen if the person wants to change or sees that they need to. Love alone cannot change a person. A person must change themselves, for themselves, and this can take years.

Since January this year and up until the end of April, the collective energies of past have been highly active opening old doors, restarting old cycles, and resurfacing old feelings – all of which has created a magnetic pull to the people from the past. With this energy has come a divide, as many have felt the emotions of the past complicating their current relationships. The key is to heal the past so that the future can be altered. For others, the thought of a past lover has felt like a return or a second chance, but this again stems from a past in need of healing. We so often want to believe there is a new door or a second chance, but this can only manifest if the person wants it as much as you do.

Action is an immensely powerful energy and a powerful word. When fate brings someone back it is because the energy is strong enough on both sides to create a magnetic pull – but even then, action and intent is needed for healing to be created in the space and distance of the separation. Therefore, reading the energy is so important to understand the dynamics of a rekindled relationship. As a Psychic it is easy to feel what is the past and what is the future. And for those who want to understand or to learn how to read the energy or to know if a person is their future or their past… well, that’s what PathForward Psychics are here for!

Is it to be, or not to be? Let me guide you!

Psychic Yasmin x4202
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