A Beginner's Guide to the Clairs: How To Tap Into Your Psychic Skills
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A Beginner's Guide to the Clairs: How To Tap Into Your Psychic Skills

May 20, 2024 by Pathforward
Do you have untapped potential lying in one of the clairs that you haven't yet cultivated?
Do you have untapped potential lying in one of the clairs that you haven't yet cultivated?

You've probably heard of the more common "clairs," such as clairvoyance, but did you know there's an entire skill set you can flex in this realm? Welcome to the world of clear sensing, where you can use your sight, hearing, and even taste to receive messages from the spirit realm. This set of psychic abilities isn't just for the chosen. Anyone can practice tapping into their clairs with the right knowledge and proper intention. Here are six key skills to work so you can boost your supernatural senses.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond the ordinary. It can manifest as mental images or visual perceptions of light and color. When clairvoyance occurs in the mind's eye, you must interpret the imagery thoughtfully to understand the message. For example, you might perceive an earthquake that indicates an individual is on uncertain ground or strong winds that indicate they're being pushed around by outside forces.

You can develop greater clairvoyance by practicing meditation and mindfulness. This allows you to open your mind to these types of images. Focus your meditations on opening your third eye, located in the center of your forehead. If you perceive visual colors and lights, relax your eyes, and allow yourself to slowly absorb what you're seeing so you can better interpret these images.


Do you have a spidey sense for when things are sus? This is clairsentience, or "clear feeling." This ability is difficult to explain but impossible to ignore. A clairsentient can easily sense the vibe in a room, around a person, or attached to an object. Many people label their clairsentience as empathy because it allows them to pick up on what other people are feeling. However, this clair takes empathy a step further and provides a gut knowing about what those emotions mean. Your clairsentience can scream danger or safety when you hone it finely.

Keep a journal of the emotional impressions you get from different people, places, and things. This can help you tune into your clairsentience and become more aware of the subtle messages that the universe conveys in the form of feelings. Over time, you'll begin to identify patterns in the emotions that you sense, so you can tell when that creeped out feeling means you need to fix a problem and when it means that you need to leave.


Of all the clairs, clairaudience is the one most likely to leave you shook. This is the ability to hear things supernaturally. This could mean that you literally hear voices in your head. Clairaudience can also manifest as music or other sounds, such as wind, waves, or birdsong. Your first experience with clairaudience may have you questioning your sanity, but this is actually a handy skill when you learn how to listen calmly and respond thoughtfully.

Clairaudient skills often strengthen alongside the other clairs. So activities such as meditating to strengthen your clairvoyance may also cause you to start hearing these little whispers from the other side. Balancing and nurturing the fifth chakra in your throat can also give your clairaudience a boost. Try meditating on the sound of your breath to develop this particular clair.


Claircognizance is like intuition on steroids. People with claircognizance suffer from a lot of moments of deja vu because they often have a sense of what's about to happen. They're also the best wingmen because they always know when something isn't quite right. Your claircognizant bestie has a sixth sense for red flags long before you uncover exactly what they are. 

This is one clair that nearly everyone uses at some point. The catch is that it's so natural and subtle that you don't always realize what's happening. Too often we allow ourselves to reason our way into the wrong course of action. But just because something checks all the boxes doesn't mean it's right for you. Practice listening to your gut rather than your brain, and you'll start tapping into your claircognizance more. 


Clairgustance is one of those weird clairs that can really leave you questioning yourself if you don't know what's happening. This is the ability to supernaturally taste information from the spirit realm. Clairgustance is easy to detect because you're not usually going to taste something unusual unless you just put it in your mouth. This skill typically arises alongside other more common clairs. For example, if you're receiving a strong impression of how someone died, you might get a bitter taste of poison. If you're receiving a message about a wedding, you might sense the sweetness of cake. 

If you want to strengthen your clairgustance, start developing your sense of taste. Savor foods slowly and mindfully, seeking the full depth of the flavors. Take a wine-tasting class and do a deep dive into the world of aroma, body, depth, finish, and aftertaste. As your natural sense of taste becomes heightened, so too will your supernatural tasting abilities.


Clairalience is the ability to smell aromas that aren't naturally present. Spirits will often use the sense of smell to communicate because it's tied so closely to memory. We've all had that moment where the whiff of an ex's cologne stopped us dead in our tracks. In an instant, you can recall the sights, sounds, and feelings that you associate with that person. Clairalience is the supernatural version of this, where you'll get a whiff of something that's meant to send you a message.

As with clairgustance, you can strengthen your clairalience by enhancing your natural sense of smell. Stop and smell the roses. Pay closer attention to the distinctive aromas around you, and you can turn this ability up a notch, both in the physical and spiritual sense.

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