What Does a Clairsentient Do?
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What Does a Clairsentient Do?

May 13, 2024 by PathForward
Clairsentients and clairsentient psychics feel your emotions.
Clairsentients and clairsentient psychics feel your emotions.

Ever wonder what does a clairsentient do or what the heck clairsentience even is? Clairsentience, along with clairaudience and clairvoyance, are types of psychic intuition. A clairvoyant is what most people think about when they hear “psychic.” However, clairsentients are a special type of psychic that relies on emotions and feelings. The word “clairsentience” actually means “clear feeling.” So, let’s take a closer look at the abilities of this type of clair-psychic.


What Is a Clairsentient Psychic?

Clairsentience is a “sixth sense” that gives people the ability to feel and interpret the energy of people, places, animals, spirits, and anything else that can send vibes. This power gives them gut instincts about a person’s past, present, and future. It is a useful trait to have that allows them to quickly tap into the aura of a person to help him or her solve problems. People typically feel comfortable talking to those gifted with clairsentience because they are kind, compassionate, and very willing to help.


Types of Clairsentience

Some people are born with clairsentient powers while others develop them through practice. There are also different levels of powers. The powers encompass gut feelings, empathy, and physical sensations.


  • Gut Feelings: This power presents itself in the form of a sick or sinking feeling in the stomach. It tells clairsentients when something is about to happen. It also lets them quickly sense whether they can trust someone or not.

  • Empathy: This power is what enables clairsentients to feel what other people are feeling. It is a strong emotion that is instantly picked up when they enter a room. It is a hard gift to manage because a clairsentient can get overwhelmed with emotions, especially when they are in big crowds or gatherings. Because of this power, the gifted can’t help but want to make others feel better.

  • Physical Sensations: This power allows them to feel pressure, pain, or a tickling in the body. It lets them know the intentions of the people around them. It’s problematic because it can cause real pain and is one of their strongest powers.

Common Traits of All Clairsentients

Even though there are different types of clairsentients on psychic websites and they all have different levels of ability, there are still many common traits that clairsentients all share. We’ve listed some of them below.

  • Able to perceive energy fields, vibrations, and auras.
  • Can predict when things are about to happen or sense danger.
  • Can quickly connect with others and understand a person’s past without much effort.
  • Are more empathic than other types of psychics.
  • Are highly sensitive to their surroundings and often feel uncomfortable in public.
  • Can heal others or make them feel better.

As you can see, clairsentient psychics are one of the best types of psychics to consult because they are so compassionate. This helps people feel comfortable and express their true emotions and concerns. If you want to know something about your future or have help to make a decision, seek the help of a clairsentient. You might have better success than with any other type of psychic.


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