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Protect Your Energy! Self-Care for Empaths

August 23, 2023 by Samantha
Protect your empath energy!
Protect your empath energy!

Empath (noun):  A person who is highly sensitive to the emotions and needs of other people. 

Are you an Empath feeling all the feels? Girl, I feel you. Being an Empath can be incredibly draining, especially when people who need healing are drawn to you (check out my blog post on this topic here). Self-care for highly sensitive people is super important for keeping your mental and physical health in check. If you’re an Empath and can’t shake the negative energy of those around you or keep getting emotionally drained, below is some empath mindfulness advice for protecting your energy. And if you’re not sure if you are an Empath, check out the section below for the signs you may possess this special gift. Or contact a Psychic Empath at PathForward for a reading. 

But first…let’s take a moment to breathe: 

Take five deep breaths through your nose and slowly exhale each breath out of your mouth. Close your eyes and repeat two more times. 

Feeling relaxed? Ok. Let’s move on.  

Why Self-Care for Empaths is Important  

Like a sponge, an Empath absorbs energy. If you’re surrounded by people all the time (work/family/friends, etc.), you probably experience exhaustion or mental strain regularly. Good or bad, Empaths feel all the emotions around them. And if you haven’t learned how to set boundaries or manage your gift, it can be tough to go back inward. This is why spiritual self-care is essential for the highly sensitive. Self-care will help you tune the external noise and rebalance your own emotions.  

Daily Empath Mindfulness Care  

You might have to make some changes in your everyday life to protect your energy. Which situation below can you relate to?  

Avoid large gatherings. I love my friends, but when all of us are together in a group setting, I don’t feel well. My anxiety is usually skyrocketing, and I have a hard time relaxing. Girls' night out with the entire crew isn’t healthy for me. Although it can be hard to decline an invitation to a group gathering (hello, peer pressure), I try and hang with my friends one on one or in a smaller group. If being in a large group setting makes you uncomfortable, saying no is more than okay. 

Stop giving so much. Empaths are natural givers. An Empath would rather give than receive because it feels good to make someone else feel good. And when someone is embarrassed or sad, it can be physically painful for us to watch. It’s only natural that we Empaths want to give, give, give. The problem is that we give so much that there is often nothing left for us. This is where setting boundaries comes into play. It’s OK to give, but not at your own expense. When your gut tells you to walk away, listen.  

Prioritize alone time. There is nothing wrong with being a homebody and enjoying time to yourself. Empaths NEED alone time to recharge and reset, especially after a draining social experience or other emotionally charged circumstances. If spending Friday night alone on your couch with pizza and wine is what you need to recenter, do you. Unapologetically.  

It gets tricky when you have kids or a family in your face all day. I have two babies, and I rarely get any time to myself. Sometimes when I need to run errands, I’ll take the scenic route. I’ll hit the Starbucks drive-thru, turn on relaxing music (Coffee House station on Sirus XM is the best), and enjoy a long drive home.  

Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People 

Here are some other ideas for boosting your self-care: 

  • Get more sleep. 
  • Take a spiritual bath. 
  • Declutter your space. 
  • Breathing and music meditation. 
  • Energy clearing practices. 
  • Talk to other Empaths 

Not sure if you’re an Empath? Check this out: 

An Empath has a heightened sense of empathy for other people. For instance, if your best friend got dumped by their boyfriend and is confiding in you, an Empath will feel their friend's emotions and deep sensitivity to the loss. Aside from absorbing the emotions of others, here are some other signs you are an Empath: 

  • You are easily emotionally drained. 
  • You are drawn to people who need help. 
  • You attract people who need healing. 
  • You aren’t comfortable in large groups of people. 
  • You thrive best alone or one-on-one. 
  • You require time to recharge after social interactions. 
  • You are a giver.  
  • You have a strong judge of character.  
  • You have excellent listening and communication skills. 


Contact a Psychic Empath  

If you are curious about your abilities or want to consult with an Empath to delve into the perspective of someone in your life, contact an Empath here at PathForward. If you want to grow your expertise as an Empath, our Psychics can help you get started. I also would love to get your opinion on this blog post.

Was it helpful? Do you have other self-care ideas that can help your fellow sensitives? Comment your thoughts below! 

~Sending you all the good vibes~

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