Animal Sightings: The Meaning of Seeing a Black Cat
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Animal Sightings: The Meaning of Seeing a Black Cat

June 07, 2023 by PathForward
Spotting a black cat isn't the frightening omen you might think it is!
Spotting a black cat isn't the frightening omen you might think it is!

About 10,000 years ago, wild cats domesticated themselves in the Near East and Egypt. These felines first entered human society by killing rats and mice, and people rewarded them with food and affection. Over time, these fascinating creatures evolved into the house pets we know today. While cats come in all colors, the black cat is one of the most feared and fabled.

You may have heard that a black cat brings bad luck, but nothing could be further from the truth. Exploring the history of black cats, you'll find a wild journey with many misunderstandings. Find out what it really means when you see a black cat in your path and why you may want to call a Psychic to learn more about the experience.

Cats in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians believed cats were magical creatures. They appreciated the way cats combine grace and elegance with ferocity and swiftness. The goddess Bastet was depicted first as a lioness and later as a black cat or a human with a black cat's head. Bastet is the daughter of Ra and the wife of Ptah. She is considered the goddess of health and protection. She was referred to as the Goddess of the Moon, as well as the Goddess of the Rising Sun. 

Since Bastet could transform herself into a cat, any black cat seen on the streets was a potential embodiment of her. Black cats throughout Egypt were especially revered, as they were believed to be descended from Bastet. Some believed black cats had supernatural powers.

All pet cats enjoyed a place of honor in Egyptian households. People often dressed them in jewels and fed them decadent treats. Some ancient Egyptians may have even hunted with their cats, showing a level of cooperation most cat owners can only dream of. When a cat died, the family would mummify the body; they shaved off their eyebrows and remained in mourning until their eyebrows grew back. Killing a cat, even by accident, was punishable by death.

When Egyptians saw a cat in their dreams, they considered it a good omen for an abundant harvest. Seeing or interacting with a black cat in ancient Egypt was always seen as good luck.

Black Cats in the Early Middle Ages

Black cats were still a good sign in the Early Middle Ages. Sailors believed they were lucky. Cats were typically welcome aboard ships, as they helped hunt rats. 

Cats' behavior was believed to predict the weather. If the cat was grooming itself, this was a sign of good weather on the horizon. A cat sneezing signaled rain, and snoring cats meant bad weather was on the way.

Black Cats in the Late Middle Ages

Black cats earned a bad reputation later in the Middle Ages. On June 13, 1233, Pope Gregory IX issued the Vox in Rama. This letter declared that the devil took a half-cat, half-human form that witches worshipped. Black cats were especially demonized. Some believed witches could take the form of black cats, while others thought witches would send black cats to do their bidding.

Cats were treated so badly in Europe during this time that their numbers were severely decreased. Many people would kill cats thinking they were agents of the devil or witches in disguise. The feline population dropped so low that it likely contributed to the rapid spread of the Black Plague. Though many blamed cats for spreading the illness, rat-hunting felines were best positioned to slow the spread of the disease. 

Seeing a black cat was associated with many unpleasant superstitions during this time. Some believed the black cat could take the form of a vampire. Others thought that cats would "steal a baby's breath" as an explanation for sudden infant death.

The True Meaning of Black Cats

According to animal communicator Nancy Mello, black cats are some of the most affectionate and connected cats you'll meet. Some people feel especially drawn to black cats. If a black cat is your boo, you're probably uniquely empathetic. These animals symbolize protection, wisdom, safety, and good luck.

If you see black cats often, this can mean a loved one is looking out for you. Black cats are a sign of good fortune. In your dreams, they may symbolize curiosity. Consider whether there's an issue that's been nagging you. The time may be ripe to dive deeper and explore this area. The black cat can also indicate you should listen to your intuition and trust your inner wisdom.

Black Cats Today

Though most modern people don't believe a black cat will transform into a vampire, black cats still have a certain stigma. One study showed that black cats had the highest rate of euthanasia and lowest rate of adoption in urban shelters in the United States. An unfortunate rumor persists that it's unlucky for a black cat to cross your path, and it would definitely be hard to avoid this situation if you owned one.

Letting go of old wives' tales about black cats will open you up to a deeper and more accurate interpretation of these sleek and fascinating creatures. Bringing a black cat into your life can help you connect on a deeper level with the mystical energies that surround us.

If you're seeing many black cats in your path, don't fear! This doesn't mean ill fortune is coming your way. In fact, it likely means there's something exciting afoot, and good fortune will soon cross your path along with that divine feline. Talk to a Psychic to learn more about what that pretty kitty means.


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